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Find out if you really know Taylor, with this quiz!

What year was Taylor born?

She was born in December, 1989.


Where was Taylor born?

Taylor's family lived on a farm in Pennsylvania. They later moved, but she spent a great portion of her childhood In PA.


Which is the title of one of Taylor's first hits?

Love story was a romantic song that Taylor wrote, and she is typically known for songs relative to her love life.


What genre of music did Taylor originally pursue?

Taylor originally fell in love with Country music and she is known to be a country star, although more recently the artist has veered towards pop music.


In 2010, what movie did Taylor land a role in?

In the movie Valentines day, she is coupled up with Taylor Lautner, who is Taylor Swifts ex.


How tall is Taylor

Taylor is 5'10"


What is Taylor's favorite holiday?

Taylor's favorite Holiday is Christmas. This is interesting because her family owns a Christmas Tree farm AND her birthday is in December.


What are the names of Taylor's parents?

Scott Swift is her father and Andrea Swift is her mother.


Who was Taylor named after?

Her mom Named her after songwriter, James Taylor. She also wanted her to have a gender neutral name to give her a more prosperous business career.


What is Taylor's favorite number?

Taylors favorite number is 13. It is written on her hand in a music video.


What was the title of her first single to reach no.1 on the US billboard Hot 100 Chart?

Her single "We Are Never Getting Back Together" was the first of hers to reach #1 on the Billboard Charts.


Who is one of Taylor's well known best friends?

Selena Gomez has been one of Taylor's best friends for years.


What is her song, "This Is Us" about?

Her song "This Is Us" is about her friendship with her bff.


What is the first song she learned to play on the guitar?

Sixpence None The Richer's song "Kiss Me" is the first that tay learned to play!


What was the 2nd album to win the Album of The Year at the Grammy Awards?

1989 was the 2nd album to win an award. (her first was Fearless in 2010)


What does her brother, Austin do for a living?

Austin is a freelance photographer. He helped photograph her Fearless Tour.


What is the name of the first song she wrote?

Lucky You was the name of the first song she wrote. There are videos of her performing it as well.


What is Taylor's middle name?

Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift


Where did Taylor move to pursue her musical dreams

She wanted to move to Nashville, TN after watching a Faith Hill documentary,


What kind of farm did Taylor grow up on?

Her family lived on a Christmas Tree Farm in PA for many years.


What was a sport Taylor competed in, as a kid?

Taylor got into horseback riding at an early age. She had a shetland pony and quarter horses.


What does she typically write her songs about?

She enjoys writing about personal life as it comes easy to her. It is a way of expressing her feelings and emotions.


What was her song, "Bad Blood" in response to?

Although many think the song is about Katy Perry, Taylor confirms that it is about an ex boyfriend.


In 2009, Taylor appeared on what show?

Taylor swift appears on CSI in 2009 as a rebellious teenager.


What Movie did Taylor Swift contribute two songs to?

The Hunger Games is one of her favorite books, so she was excited about contributing to the movie.


How old was Tay when she won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year?

At 20 years old, she won a grammy Award for Album of the Year. She was the youngest Artist in History at that point.


In what movie did Tay have a voiced role?

Taylor loves Dr.Seuss quotes, so being a part of The Lorax was a great role for her


What Dj did she start dating in 2015?

She dated Calvin Harris – They met at the Brit Awards in February of 2015.


What music video led Taylor to win an MTV Music Video Award?

Liz Rose helped Taylor write this song about a friend who was being mistreated by his GF.


Who was Taylor interrupted by giving her speech at the MTV VMA's?

Kanye interrupted Taylor when she was giving her speech.


What is a common nickname the media has given Taylor?

The media often refers to Taylor as T-Swift.


In 2013, she appeared in what show?

She makes an appearance in New Girl as the character, Elaine.


Taylor has two main residences, in which states?

Nashville, TN and Beverly Hills, CA


What is the title of her 4th studio album?

She wrote 9 of the 16 songs on this album – the other 7 were co-written with other talented artists.


What is Taylors favorite show?

Her favorite show is said to be Grey's Anatomy, an intense series about events at a Hospital in Seattle, WA


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