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Did you binge watch this series starring Aziz Ansari? Test yourself on how much can you remember about the events in Season 1, with this quiz!

Who is the main Character?

Aziz Ansari plays the main character, Dev. Aziz is a well known stand up comedian and his first big TV show role was on Parks and Rec!


What does Dev do for work?

Dev is trying to make it in NYC as an actor. The show profiles his life events, usually featuring romance, his friends, and his career as an actor.


Who plays Dev's father?

Aziz's real parents! The was their first role in television and they stole the show!


Where is Dev living?

His life goes by in a humorous, yet meaningful sequence of events.


What does Dev's dad do as a career?

In real life, Shoukath is a doctor who works in the field of gastroenterologist and, along with gathering impressive reviews from his patients online!


In Dev's first acting role, he plays what?

He is in a lab in a safe suit experimenting with a deadly virus!


What is the name of Dev's first serious romantic interest?

Rachel is a fun music publicist played with an abundance of appeal by former Saturday Night Live cast member Noël Wells!


Where do Dev and Rachel take a spontaneous trip to?

Rachel can match Dev’s wit, and rolls with the weirdness of a first date that’s an overnight trip to Nashville! The trip goes smoothly for the two!


Who is in the first scene with Dev?

Dev is sleeping with Rachel during the first scene. Of the first five words in the series, four of them are cuss words!


What was Dev's brothers name?

He was actually a staff writer on the show!


In episode 10 there is a poem which is read. What does it mention?

The poem is by Sylvia Plath! From her book, The Bell Jar! It is a very famous quote profiling conflicting life choices!


This song played in episode 9.

A Little Lost By Arthur Russel. It is Dev's theme song and the series was almost titled, “A Little Lost!”


Who does Dev initially go out on a date with?

She works at a restaurant and the two go to a concert together! When on the date, she seems like a a nutcase!


What is Dev's “highlight” commercial for?

He has a scene in the series where he is auditioning for a part via Skype in a coffee shop!


The name of Dev's friends are Arnold, Brian and what?

Denise is Dev's good friend. She gives him tons of advice from a woman's perspective!


The second episode is about what?

His parents had an arranged marriage! The episode also profiles Brian's parents who left Taiwan for the US.


What does Rachel have to get after the first episode?

She makes a Joke about it in episode 3, telling Dev she is having a baby.


What does Alice do on her date with Dev?

Alice steals a jacket at the concert. The girl confronts her, and the two get in a brawl!


In the finale, Dev and Arnold are researching restaurants where they can go to get what?

The research a million different restaurants online to choose the right taco place to go eat is also a regular, personal experience of Ansari and Yang.


What is the name of the toy seal on the show?

If you were wondering if it really exists… it does. The robotic seal was created in Japan for therapeutic purposes!


What Platform is the show on?

Aziz explains that the team loved working with Netflix for several reasons: because they didn’t have to deal with content issues, such as sex and language!


What ethnicity were the women Dev dated?

The show got some negative comments from people complaining that Dev’s love interests are all white. Ansari explained this decision as a mere coincidence


This rapper was featured in one of the episodes?

According to Ansari, the musician knew all of his lines by heart and improvised some of them, including one of his personal favorites: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go f–k with some of those shrimp.”


In episode two, how to employers treat Dev's dad at the Hospital?

The episode features a really sad scene that actually happened to Aziz’s dad in real life. In the scene, new doctors working at the hospital get treated to lunch at a steakhouse. However, Dev’s dad, who just started working there after moving to the U.S., gets told to just “go to the cafeteria.”


Where did Dev do an internship in his 20's?

Like his character, the actor also did an internship at Nickelodeon.


When Dev runs into Rachel after his date with Alice, what does he try to do?

He then runs into Rachel and they have a good time, but when he attempts to kiss her he discovers she has a boyfriend!


Mid-way through season one Dev is about to sleep with a food critic named what?

Before they do the deed, Dev discovers she is married and backs out. Later, they agree that an affair may be doable if she does not have kids or if the husband never finds out.


What event makes Dev go ahead with the affair with Nina?

One day when the husband (Noah Emmerich) cuts in front of him at an ice-cream store and buys and destroys the last special, Dev goes ahead with the affair. The husband eventually finds out and it ends up saving their marriage!


Who is Dev's married friend he speaks with after breaking up with Rachel?

Dev meets up with Benjamin (who was also cut from the film), and both talk about their relationships. Benjamin says that even after being married for 23 years, he still isn't 100% sure it'll last forever - stating that "100% doesn't actually exist!”


In the episode, “Ladies and Gentlemen,” what does Dev identify himself as?

Dev finds out that a colleague had been pursued by a man on her way home. When Dev tells Denise and Rachel about it, the women share similar experiences. Dev realizes he is privileged just by being male!


What relative of Rachel's, does she and Dev visit?

Rachel is summoned to a work emergency and Dev stays with her grandma. The two get along and he sneaks her out of her retirement home to enjoy a fancy dinner, but she escapes when he isn't looking!


Towards the end of season one, where does Rachel almost move?

Rachel learns that a work promotion would require her to move to Chicago for six months. She goes to an interview, but turns down the job!


At what premiere does Rachel drunkenly yell at the director?

He, Rachel, his friends, and his parents then attend The Sickening's premiere. Dev's scenes were cut from the film!


In the finale, when Dev and Rachel break up, where does she say she is moving to?

She moves out, and a few days later informs Dev that she's moving to Tokyo, as she has always dreamed of this and must do it before it's too late!


After talking to his friend Benjamin about how being 100% sure of something doesn't exist, where does Dev decide on going?

After, Dev makes up his mind and also buys a plane ticket: to Italy, so that he can study at a culinary school!


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