Are You the Grandpa, Drunk Uncle, Dad, or the Teenager in Your Friend Group?

By Brian Whitney on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Every member of every group of friends has a designated role, whether they know it or not - it's just the way of the world. The confusing part is to figure out just which member you are. You see, it could be easy to claim the spot of the joker, the rebel or the player, but it's not so easy to name the members if we convert them into family members. So which one would you be?

Are you the grandpa? Are you the old guy in the group who likes to complain about virtually any and everything? Or are you the dad? Do you love telling your other friends what to do, so much so that they call you a buzzkill most of the time? Are you the teenager? The one who takes the most risks, no matter how not so smart it seems or sounds? Or are you the drunk uncle? Do you do and say the most inappropriate things and the most inappropriate times? 

If you want to find out which family member you are in your group of friends, take our quiz. You'll surely be laughing and encouraging your friends to take it too by the end! 

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