Are You Up To The Challenge Of Hosting Thanksgiving This Year?

By: Teresa M.
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Whether you are a seasoned cook or just finding your way around the kitchen, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be intimidating! Let's discover if your guests will want seconds or if will be a hit to the drive-thru on the way home!

How many people will you invite to Thanksgiving dinner?

Will you ask your guests to bring anything?

What kind of centerpiece will you place on your table?

Which one of your relatives should sit at the kid's table?

Which dessert would you try to make this Thanksgiving?

How would you rate your culinary skills?

Which vegetable dish would you attempt to make from scratch?

Will you serve an alternative to turkey?

Which of your guests will be your toughest critic?

What might you add to macaroni & cheese?

How many Thanksgiving meals have you hosted?

Do you decorate your home for Thanksgiving?

What kind of drink will you serve your guests before their meal?

What will you and your guests do after Thanksgiving dinner?

What type of store-bought food will be found on your table?

How would your best friend describe your parties?

Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday?

What time of day will you hold your Thanksgiving festivities?

Will you use paper plates?

Which appetizer would you make for your guests?

Who will you ask to carve the turkey?

How long will you cook your bird?

Have you considered deep frying your turkey?

What will you send your guests home with?

How would you handle a drunken guest?

Will you sip wine while you cook Thanksgiving dinner?

How will your guests know where to sit?

What part of the turkey do you prefer to eat?

How will you stuff your turkey?

What will you baste your turkey with?

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