Are You Sufficiently Southern?

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It's difficult to argue how iconic Southern culture is in the United States, as it's filled with fried foods, colorful clothes and polite manners. In fact, social gatherings in the South are typically filled with hospitable people who are welcoming to everyone, including extended relatives. But be careful about staying too long at one of these social events, as it's common for Southern folks to take their sweet time with saying goodbye!

Southern people are said to be so polite, that even insulting someone goes against their true nature. Of course, there is a phrase for such situations, and that would be "bless your heart." The people of the South are also very courteous, as they always go out of their way to help others, even strangers. Words like "please" and "thank you" are part of their everyday vocabulary as well. Other Southern etiquette rules include respecting your elders, being modest when receiving compliments and always being civilized in front of other people. And when dinner time rolls around, Southern folks almost always take their time to enjoy the food and company of their loved ones. So, if some of these things are part of your everyday routine, then take our sufficiently Southern quiz now!

Are the phrases, "yes, ma'am" and "no, ma'am" part of your everyday vocabulary?

Which of these Southern foods is one of your favorites?

Is your backyard garden filled with any beautiful azalea plants?

Pick one of these celebrity chefs to watch for some tasty cooking tips.

True or false: You care more about the SEC than about the NFL when it comes to football.

What's missing from this 'holy trinity' ingredients list: onions, bell peppers and ____________.

No Southern meal is complete without which of these side dishes?

If the outdoor temperature suddenly rose to over 100°F, how would you feel?

Does your wardrobe consist of any stylish camouflage clothing?

Now for the real question: How sweet do you want your sweet iced tea to be?

Which of these popular Southern expressions resonates with you the most?

Have you ever caught any lightning bugs during the late evening hours?

We sense that you're pretty hungry, so how about eating at one of these Southern fast food restaurants?

How often do you smile at random strangers on the street?

Wearing shoes is a thing of the past because you love to be barefoot, right?

Do you believe that white clothes should not be worn after Labor Day?

One of these states has the best BBQ, but which one is it?

How much food would you make if you were just cooking for yourself?

Have you ever been stuck behind a tractor on a street before?

Be honest here: How many pairs of cowboy boots do you currently own?

It's time to rate your fishing skills using our 1-10 scale!

Should the word "dinner" actually be changed to "supper?"

Which of these soothing sounds helps you to fall asleep at night?

Are you able to identify the difference between collard greens and turnip greens?

How do you normally like to spend your Sunday afternoons?

Is the following statement true or false: There's no such thing as too much butter in food.

Would you panic if you saw a few snowflakes on the ground?

Do you need country music like you need air to survive?

Do you refer to every type of carbonated drink as "Coke?"

Would you still be polite to someone who was being mean to you?

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