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The United States Marine Corps is the tip of the spear. It is one of the most elite fighting units in the world, and it doesn't just require mental discipline, it requires smarts. Are you clever enough to be a leatherneck?

What is the check done before entering an automobile?

Before going on any long road journey, you should first check under the car for leaking fluids, check tire pressure, check the rear turn signals (you'll need help for that), check the back seat, check your windows, check the dash gauges, check the heating and AC.


Who is at the top of the military chain of command?

The President of The United States is the Commander in Chief.


How do you fix a screw that keeps coming out?

Threadlocker is a type of product that can be used to keep a screw put when the threading is torn up.


What government agency did Vladimir V. Putin work for?

Vladimir Putin worked for the KGB, where he mastered the art of subverting foreigners using their existing desires and weaknesses.


Who is third in the military chain of command?

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the third in command in the military chain of command.


What tool do you need to determine latitude by celestial bodies?

By measuring the angle created by sighting the sun and the horizon, and using the time of day as a guide, one can determine latitude using just this simple instrument.


What is an antiquated term for a magnet?

Lodestones were natural magnets. A region in China rich in these minerals produced magnetic spoons that would often be taken home as souvenirs. If dropped on the table, the spoons would always point to magnetic north, and from that came the invention of the compass.


How many items in a baker's dozen?

When Henry III standardized the size of a loaf, bakers would give an extra loaf to ensure they weren't selling a single load that was too small. Breaking the law could result in jail time.


What is the first thing one should do when handed a firearm?

Any time a weapon is handed to you, you must always consider it loaded and do this safety check.


Who is second in the military chain of command?

The Secretary of Defense is second only to the President in the chain of command.


What is Tripoli, today?

"The Shores of Tripoli" in the Marine Corps Hymn refers to the battle fought to take the second city of the nation of Tripoli at the beginning of The Barbary Wars in the early 1800s.


Why are Marines also called leathernecks?

It used to be the case that Marines wore leather collars to keep their necks from getting cut in battle, thus giving birth to the nickname.


Who is the "special relationship" between?

The two world wars cemented a cultural bond that had existed between America and Britain since 1776.


What is the first line of The Rifleman's Creed?

Penned by Major General William H. Rupertus in World War 2, the creed is recited by Marines in basic training.


What is the name of the haircut issued to Marines in boot camp?

The type of shaved head haircut newly minted Marines get are known as the Parris Island haircut.


Why is the Marine Corps sword shaped the way it is?

The first battle the USMC fought in its current form (it was disbanded after the Revolutionary War) was in the Middle East, and the commanding officer used a scimitar.


How many kills did the deadliest Vietnam era USMC sniper have?

Charles Mawahinney had 103 kills in Vietnam.


Who is the founding father of the USMC?

William Eaton was an ambassador when 300 US sailors were taken hostage by the Dey of Tripoli, and resurrected the Marine Corps to invade the country and liberate the sailors.


What does "The Halls of Montezuma" refer to?

The Halls of Montezuma in the Marine Corps Hymn refers to a battle fought with Mexico in the Mexican-American War.


Why was NASA founded?

NASA was founded so the USA would be able to put assets in space, giving the USA the highest of high ground in the same fashion as aircrafts did in WW1. When Russia started launching rockets with the aid of their captured Nazi scientists, the USA followed suit, using our own captured Germans to build rockets that put the V2 to shame, enabling us to launch weapons over huge distances and place spy satellites in orbit over our enemies.


If Archimedes had a long enough lever, he could move what, exactly?

Indeed, to explain the power of mechanics, Archimedes said that the lever was so useful, that it could be used to move any object if it were long enough.


What is a company also called?

While it may sound like "battery" is a reference to the thing you put in your flashlight, it's the other way around. The first battery was a collection of capacitors arranged so that it looked like a bunch of canons all set up to fire. The plural of canon is battery, and thus was named the tiny, frustrating electrical doodad.


What is the responsibility of a Fireteam?

Bounding overwatch is a tactic described as "alternating movement of coordinated units" with the aim of creating opportunities to initiate suppression fire on an enemy to facilitate a tactical advance.


What is the strongest muscle in the hand?

The Abductor Pollicis Brevis allows the thumb to move. Most muscles that operate the hand and allow grip are actually located in the forearm, which is why the outer forearm is usually the place to attack a hand when using a knife.


How many marines to a company?

A company is one hundred and eight Marines. It works like this: three platoons to a company, three squads to a platoon, three teams to a squad, four marines to a team.


How many Marines died in WW2?

The Marine Corps lost a lot of men in WW2, but for sheer numbers, the Army lost the most men.


Which finger can you not swing a sword correctly without?

To make an effective cut with a sword, the pinky is actually the finger making the cut, pulling the sword as one would pull a knife across a loaf of bread.


What is China's Special Forces called?

China's Special Operations Forces are China's elite special forces division.


What is MCMAP?

MCMAP is the current martial arts system of the USMC, replacing the older system, LINE, which was deemed "too lethal."


What was a major technological innovation brought to the west by the Crusades?

The stirrup was an innovation from the Middle East brought back by crusaders, who found it greatly increased their control over their horses and their ability to fight on horseback.


What is the fulcrum in an arm bar?

An armbar is a move intended to lock the arm of an opponent by pushing the fulcrum of the elbow, making it impossible to move without snapping one's own elbow.


What is the British Army's Special Forces called?

SAS stands for Special Air Service.


Which finger can you not fire a rifle without?

Without a thumb, holding a gun is impossible.


How many moons does the planet Earth have?

Indeed, by the current definition which includes TCOs, there are thousands of moons in orbit around the Earth, however, some come and go as they will.


How many flags are there on The Moon?

Given conditions on the moon, the New Jersey manufacturer of the flag placed there on the first mission, would have been breached white and turned to ash by now. It is unknown if the Chinese placed flags there when they visited the moon.


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