Are You Really A Scorpio?

By: Kennita Leon
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Scorpios, who belong to the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac, have reputations for being assertive and passionate people. They are rumored to be excellent lovers and even better friends. Are you really a Scorpio or have you just been pretending?

If you weren't a Scorpio, what other sign would you want to be?

Which of these are you most guilty of?

Would you say that you're very perceptive?

Do you give up easily?

Are you prone to overreacting?

What would you say your anger is like?

What would your friends say you are like?

Are you very protective of your friends?

Have you ever gotten into a physical altercation?

How headstrong are you?

Are you more loyal or self-serving?

Do you find it hard to ask for help?

Do you like your job?

Where do you fall in the work hierachy?

In group projects, you ...

Would you say that you're a hard worker?

Are you very competitive?

Is it easy for you to give up control?

Is success a priority of yours?

How would you say you are in relationships?

Do you like to argue?

Do you always trust your instincts in a relationship?

But are you naturally trusting of others?

What's the worst thing your partner can do?

For which of these reasons would you end a relationship?

How well do you hide your emotions?

Are you good at keeping other people's secrets?

Do you enjoy being alone?

Would you say that you have enemies?

How confrontational are you?

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