Are You Ready for a Serious Relationship? Find Out With This Quiz!

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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Let's make a love connection! When it comes to love, the ultimate goal for most people is marriage. Before you can get there, you probably need to be in a serious relationship. Are you single and ready to mingle or are you looking for your future spouse? Look no further! We're here to tell you if you're ready for a serious relationship!

If you've been perpetually single, you might feel as if you're ready to find someone and settle down with a serious relationship. While it sounds easy, it's harder than you think! Serious relationships require a lot of work! You need patience, understanding, compassion, and we can't forget the communication skills. These are just a few things needed to make a serious relationship work!

While many people want a serious relationship, some aren't ready for it! You might be in the phase of your life where you just want to have fun. Maybe you're better suited for short-term relationships where you can figure out what kind of person you're looking for.

Some might not even be ready for short-term relationships! If you're looking for someone to validate yourself, you shouldn't be dating. To make any relationship work, you have to love yourself and then find the person who will love you just as much or even more!

What kind of relationship are you looking for? Are you ready for a serious relationship or should you take a break from dating? There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz!

Do you think of your romantic partners very often?

Do you send your romantic partners little texts and emails periodically to let them know they are in your thoughts?

Do you often do little favors for your romantic partners like buying them flowers?

Can you stay monogamous?

How jealous are you?

How often do you plan little getaways for your romantic partners?

How much do you know about the families of your romantic partners?

How much time do you want to spend around your romantic partners' families?

How good are you at delaying your own gratification?

How thoughtful are you?

How much work do you put into your friendships?

How willing are you to honor your values?

Are you willing to side against your own friends, to side with your significant other?

Are you willing to stand up to your own family, in order to take the side of your significant other?

Are you willing to police your "friends" on Facebook when they take a shot at your significant other?

How long was your longest relationship thus far?

Have you ever truly loved someone romantically?

Assuming you once thought you were going into a long term relationship and it ended abruptly, how did it end?

Are you prepared to deal with a romantic partner whose religious devotions are different from yours?

Are you prepared to deal with a romantic partner whose taste in popular culture is totally different from yours?

Are you willing to go to concerts, movies, etc. you aren't into just to make your love happy?

Are you willing to change anything about yourself for the benefit of your partner?

Is the person you're thinking of dating interested in a long term relationship with you?

Do you get along with the friends of the object of your affection?

Are you willing to move to be with your loved one?

Are you willing to change careers to be with your loved one?

Would you be willing to alter your diet to help your loved one with theirs?

Are you okay with adjusting your sleep times to those of your partner?

Do you feel comfortable giving your email password to your romantic partner?

Would you be willing to alter your diet for your loved one's religious obligations?

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