Are You Psychic?

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This test will help you define and understand any psychic abilities that you may be experiencing deep within you. We'll try to clarify and lead you on a path of self-discovery towards the direction that accesses your divine self. So hold onto your hats!

Do you ever feel nervous or excited when you stand near someone?

Do you feel that something will happen and then have it come true?

Do you sometimes see images and not know what they mean?

Do you think you can sometimes see the future?

Can anyone be psychic?

What abilities do you think we could have if everyone was able to harness their minds?

Do you ever get the chills when talking to people?

Do you ever think you see something in the corner of your eye, but when you look it is gone?

Do you ever feel that animals are trying to communicate with you on a deeper level?

Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost or another spirit?

Have you ever felt someone in the room with you even though you are alone?

How much do you believe in aliens and UFOs?

Do you ever just know things without knowing how the knowledge came to you?

Do you believe in energy workers: people who can put their hands on you and heal you and remove bad energy?

How many people that take money for being a psychic are frauds?

Have you ever entered a room and felt uncomfortable?

What do you think of cultures that believe in the supernatural?

When someone is in pain, do you put your hands on them to try and ease it?

What do you think of psychics that perform in front of large crowds for money?

If people are psychic, then why don't they just play the lottery and win by picking the right numbers?

Do you sometimes say words and not know what they mean?

Is it possible to communicate with people after they have died?

How much of life is chance and how much do we control?

Do you think that evil spirits can invade someone's body?

Do you ever see colors or an aura around someone's body?

Do you ever hear voices when no one is around?

Do you ever know who it is on the phone before you pick it up?

How many times have you thought of someone you contacted in years, then you hear from that person soon after?

Do your dreams ever come true?

How do you react when someone talks about something mysterious from their lives?

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