Are You More Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry?

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When it comes to sweet treats, there's nothing like a big bowl of delicious ice cream. Add some hot fudge and sprinkles, and you're good to go! Yet, with so many flavors to choose from, it can be impossible to know which one best suits your personality. Instead of guessing and hoping for the best, chill out and take this quiz to find out.

To keep things sweet and simple, we focused on three of the most popular flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. After all, like human personalities, these three flavors are each unique in their own way. You might even be Neapolitan, which features the traits and characteristics of all three types. 

The following questions will shed light on which flavor you truly are. Don't worry, though — you won't get a brain freeze during this quiz. We'll ask you easy (and tasty!) questions about treats like ice cream sandwiches and ice cream sodas. We'll also talk about your ideal ice cream sundae and favorite ice cream toppings. From cereal and sprinkles to hot fudge and fruits, the world of ice cream is full of cool possibilities. 

Ready to find out if you're more vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? Let's get this quiz started. It's pretty fudgin' great!

Let's start with the basics. What's your favorite way to eat ice cream?

Which of these toppings would you scoop up?

If you couldn't eat ice cream, which treat would you choose?

Where would you rather buy your ice cream?

When it comes to ice cream soda, which soda do you like best?

It's time to make an ice cream sundae. How many scoops do you want?

What about sauce? What kind would you like?

Do you want crushed nuts on your sundae?

Roasted fruits are amazing on ice cream. Which one do you prefer?

Which treat tastes best with ice cream?

Do you like non-dairy ice cream? What's your favorite?

So, how do you feel about ice cream cake?

Which of the following unique ice cream flavors would you try?

Cereal toppings are fun. What do you like most on ice cream?

Ice cream sandwiches are delicious. What's your cookie of choice?

What will you dip your ice cream sandwich in?

Have you ever eaten ice cream tacos? Do you like them?

What's your go-to ice cream truck treat?

Tell us, which brand of ice cream would you rather buy?

Where do you prefer to eat ice cream?

Let's talk milkshakes! What flavor would you try?

Do you top your milkshakes with whipped cream?

Would you try flavored whipped cream? Which one makes you drool?

How many ice cream flavors are currently in your freezer?

When was the last time you ate ice cream, anyway?

Do you eat ice cream all year round? Or do you wait until summer?

Speaking of summer, what's your favorite warm weather activity?

What are your thoughts on fried ice cream?

If you had to eat ice cream with candy, what would you pick?

Now that you've finished this quiz, are you craving ice cream?

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