Are You More Like Jon Snow or Sansa Stark?

Kennita Leon

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The war for the North is on and not just between the humans and the White Walkers. Tensions have been brewing between Jon and Sansa, leaving us wondering just who will end up on top. Which one of them are you more like?

Are you more like Catelyn or Ned Stark?

If house Stark were to die, which house would you want to serve?

If you were on the run, in which city would you seek refuge?

Who would be your hand?

Who would you have married?

How do you feel about arranged marriages?

Who is the most despicable person in the Seven Kingdoms?

If you were to have a squire, what trait would he need to possess?

When it comes to battle, are you more impulsive or strategic?

Who is the scariest person in the Seven Kingdoms?

What's the most epic way to go on Game of Thrones?

Do you want the Iron Throne?

All men must...

Which "Game of Thrones" creature do you wish you had for a pet?

Which direwolf would you have wanted for your own?

Which word best describes you?

Which of the following do you value the most?

What do you think about love?

If your partner had to give you an ideal gift, which of the following should it be?

What would you say your best weapon is?

What do you judge people by?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how brave are you?

If you were in a Hogwarts house, which one would it be?

How important is it that you be in charge all the time?

Would you ever betray a family member?

Would you rather be a leader or a schemer?

If you had to get revenge on someone, how would it be executed?

But who would exact this revenge?

Are you afraid to die?

Besides death, what scares you the most?

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