Are You More Felix Unger or Oscar Madison?

Brian Whitney

Image: Paramount Television

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"The Odd Couple" was a classic television show, and one of the main reasons was how identifiable the characters were. Which one were you more like, Felix or Oscar? Take this quiz to find out!

How into sports are you?

What do you think of Howard Cosell?

Would you take in a buddy if his wife threw him out?

How messy are you in general?

Do you ever leave clothes laying around on the floor?

What about food, do you ever leave it laying around?

How often do you wear baseball hats?

How many cigars have you smoked over your life?

Do you like to bet on sports?

Do you ever have financial problems because of your betting?

Would you like to be single?

Are you into photography?

How often do you clean?

Has anyone ever suggested that you have OCD?

Do you get along with roomies?

When was the last time you got dumped?

Do you often feel like you are getting sick?

Do people ever say you are hypochondriac?

Do you often take vitamins?

How are your sinuses?

Does your back ever go out?

What type of music do you like?

What would you order to drink when eating out?

What would you be most likely to order?

How often do you do dishes?

What would you order for takeout?

When was the last time you vacuumed?

Have you ever recooked a meal someone made for you?

How jealous are you when in a long term relationship?

How often have you played poker in your life?

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