Are You More Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Eyre?

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Elizabeth Bennett, the leading character of Jane Austen’s "Pride and Prejudice," is known for her wit, sharp tongue and willingness to act against social conventions. She came from a well-established family and grew up on a large estate, but neither she nor her sisters would be able to inherit their father’s fortune. Elizabeth’s story is one of a woman navigating the social and financial pressures to marry along with her own tumultuous search for love. 

Jane Eyre developed in nearly opposite circumstances to those of Elizabeth Bennett. She was orphaned at a young age and sent to live with relatives who despised her. A strict boarding school and the early death of her best friend gave her further knowledge of life’s harsh realities at a young age. Rather than learning to leverage her social status, Jane grew up fighting for her sense of identity in a world that stood against her. 

Elizabeth and Jane’s characters are further revealed in their developing romantic relationships. Elizabeth faces multiple marriage proposals by Mr. Darcy, whom she at first rebuffs, mistaking his social awkwardness for pride. Elizabeth has to learn to slow down her quick judgment and give him a chance before she can see his loyal and authentic character. Jane falls in love with her employer, Mr. Rochester, the owner of the estate where she works as a governess. After an intense descent into love, she realizes he is not who he seems and is forced to abandon her love. Later, Jane follows her fiery passions back to find that he has been changed through suffering. 

What about you? Are you stunningly beautiful, haughty and quick to judgment, like Elizabeth, or more plain on the surface with a deep and faithful passion, like Jane? Let’s find out what novel you belong in! 

What do you fear about marriage?

What was your childhood like?

When you meet a dashing gentleman, what do you assume?

Do you have siblings?

How do others describe your looks?

If you are at a party, where do you like to be?

What is your conversational style?

What literary category describes your narrative?

How do you find happiness?

How did your family care for you as a child?

What ignites your self-respect?

How have you had to navigate the will of others for your life?

What advice do your friends give you?

In what circumstances are you most likely to meet the love of your life?

What would you do you if you needed to break off a relationship?

What is a fault of a man you have loved?

What difficulties did you encounter with friends as a child?

What was your experience of school?

How do you feel about dancing?

What kind of man are you attracted to?

How would you describe your mind?

Left to contemplate, where does your mind go?

Before you settle on your true love, what is another romantic option you encounter?

Would you rather be alone or in a loveless marriage?

What has been your main profession?

Who has been a guide in your life?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune ...

What will reconciling yourself with your love require you to do?

What is your love’s estate like?

What can you expect from your love?

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