Are You More Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

By: Bri O.
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About This Quiz

Which side of your brain dominates your world? This quiz will help you navigate your own brain to find out if you are more left-brained or right-brained. Through finding out about you and your tastes, we'll be able to give you an accurate assessment of the way you think! Depending on which side of the brain you live by, your tendencies to daydream or to over-analyze will come in handy! 

You might be the creative free spirit or you might be prone to analyzing everything on the menu. All of it depends on the side of your brain that you use the most. It's not quite the same as being right-handed or left-handed. In fact, the hand you write with has little bearing on which side of your brain runs your world. If you are naturally right-brained, you probably march to the beat of your own drum. If you are left-brained, you are probably a STEM scholar! It all depends on the way you answer. 

Put your thinking cap on, and choose the response that feels most natural to you. Learning which side of your brain you use can work to your advantage in life. First, you need to find out! 

Do you use a planner or organizer?

Which of the following subjects did or do you enjoy most in school?

Which statement best describes you?

Which career would you like most?

What's your favorite music genre?

Which teaching style do you prefer?

What is your favorite sense?

What did or do you find most challenging in school?

The perfect gift would be:

What would you do if a friend asked you to go on a spontaneous, unplanned road trip with them?

Do you like group projects?

Do you cook your own food or order take out most frequently?

Do you base your decisions on emotions or logic?

How would your friends describe you?

What did you get into trouble for the most as a kid?

Which hand is your dominant hand?

Do you structure your free time?

What does your bedroom or living space look like?

Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?

How do you approach tasks?

When you meet someone new are you more likely to remember their face or their name?

Do you have a strong sense of fashion?

Do you read others emotions well?

Can you do mental math?

When something unexpected happens:

How well did you do in spelling growing up?

If you were asked to put together a piece of furniture, how would you go about doing it?

Can you easily identify patterns?

Have you ever been told that you're a black and white thinker?

Can you easily draw and visualize 3D forms?

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