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"Grease" is a beloved musical featuring some of the most iconic characters in pop culture history. How much do you remember about this high school musical?

What is the name of the high school where much of the film takes place?

Rydell High School is where much of Grease takes place. Exterior shots of the school and sporting areas were shot at Venice High School in California, while the interior shots were done at Huntington Park High School. What an exciting experience for the kids actually going to the schools at that time!


What is the name of the group of tough leather-jacket wearing guys?

The T-Birds are a group of leather-jacket wearing high school guys who are "too cool for school" and are known for getting barely passing grades, smoking, working on their cool cars, and dating the coolest ladies. Their greased-up hair requires frequent combing.


What is the name of Rizzo's group of ladies?

Rizzo, Jan, Marty, and Frenchy were The Pink Ladies. They engaged in bad behavior, and they were all dating a member of the T-Birds. Their matching pink jackets made these ladies were easy to spot.


In what decade does the movie take place?

Grease takes place in the 1950s and features characters dressed in 50s fashions, like poodle skirts, blouses, and leather jackets for the guys. Some fantastic 1950s cars in beautiful colors are also featured.


Which actor played the handsome lead male role of Danny Zuko?

John Travolta plays the irresistibly-charming Danny Zuko in "Grease." He's the classic example of trying to be one thing with his friends and another with the girl he likes. Travolta's performance of "Sandy" is memorable for his crooning of "why - y - y- y..." That's the secret, boys! Sing her a song!


What was name of the television show that did a live broadcast from Rydell High?

National Bandstand was the name of the entertainment show that was to film a live dance-off competition at Rydell High. The couples got excited, but some got a little too crazy. If you received a tap on the shoulder from a judge, you were out. Danny ended up winning the competition -- but not with Sandy.


During the dance-off competition, what was the song telling the dancers they were born to do?

"Born to Hand Jive" was the big, fast-paced song to which the dancers went crazy at the dance-off competition. From lifts, jumps, and turns to sliding halfway across the floor, the students made quite the impression on national television.


Where is Sandy Olson from?

Sandy Olson and Danny Zuko met in Australia over the summer. Danny thinks he'll never see her again, but when Sandy comes to the U.S. and enrolls in Rydell High, Danny's not quite sure how to act. Should he "be cool" with his friends or genuine with Sandy?


What were Rydell High's school colors?

As shown by the color of the cheerleaders' uniforms, the poms, and the letter sweaters, Rydell High's colors were red and white. The jocks at the school were typically seen wearing white sweaters with the red Rydell High emblem on ithem.


What refrain does everyone sing in the featured song "Summer Nights?"

The characters find themselves singing "tell me more, tell me more" when eagerly wanting to hear from Sandy and Danny about the summer's fling. The guys want to know if Danny "got very far" and the girls want to know if it was "love at first sight." Typical!


Which pink lady wanted to enroll in beauty school?

Frenchy was bored with high school and wanted to drop out and enroll in beauty school. She later ends up dyeing her hair pink and feels like she's not cut out for beauty school. Cue the song, "Beauty School Dropout."


Which character thinks she might be pregnant?

Rizzo has a fling with Kenickie and isn't very careful. She later thinks she might be pregnant, which throws her relationship with Kenickie for a loop. Luckily, it was a false alarm!


What color does Rizzo primarily wear?

Rizzo often wears black in an effort to show how cool she is. She's definitely mature for her age, and she knows it.


The car on which the T-Birds are working has a song sung about it. They say the car is going to be "Greased..."?

"Greased Lightning" is the name of the song Danny and his friends sing about their racing car. With snazzy dance moves and a transforming car, this is one of the most memorable numbers from the musical.


Which of these sports does Danny NOT try in order to become a jock and impress Sandy?

Danny tries wrestling, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, and track in order to become a jock and impress Sandy. He has trouble in pretty much every sport, except running. Anything that doesn't involve much teamwork or contact seems to be a good fit for Danny. He later crashes and burns when trying to jump hurdles to impress Sandy.


Which disco king wrote the title song for "Grease," which was also sung at the very beginning of the movie?

Barry Gibb wrote the opening song for "Grease," which told audiences that "Grease is the word." Apparently, "grease" has groove and meaning, as well as being a time, place, and motion. The song performed very well on the charts and was the perfect opening to a classic film.


Who sang "Beauty School Dropout?"

Known as one of the first manufactured teen idols, Frankie Avalon had several hits and also starred in the "Beach Party" film series. Frenchy can hardly believe her eyes when she sees him begin to sing to her about dropping out of beauty school.


What color shirt and accessories did Danny wear at the National Bandstand dance-off competition?

Danny's shirt and accessories were pink, which looked very nice with his black suit for the dance-off competition. Sandy wore a white dress and white shoes, and the two were as cute as can be.


What kind of special event was taking place outside the school at the end of the movie?

Rydell High had a carnival to celebrate the end of the school year, and all the seniors were invited to enjoy the festivities. From pie-throwing games to carnival food to fun rides, the kids could be seen having a blast. This is where Sandy reveals her "bad Sandy" get-up.


While singing "You're The One That I Want," Sandy and Danny go into a fun house. What are the words on the tilting platform on which they dance before exiting the fun house?

While Sandy and Danny are boogieing away after going through the fun house, the words "shake shack" can be seen behind them as they sing and dance. These days, people would make a beeline for those words if they wanted a good burger and a milkshake.


What does Kenickie often have behind his ear?

Kenickie often has a cigarette behind his ear. In fact, many of the T-birds and Pink Ladies are seen with cigarettes because they think it makes them look cool. Sandy has one with her when she debuts her "bad Sandy" look, to show a bit of rebellion.


What color is Rizzo's car?

Rizzo pulls up to Rydell in a hot little pink car carrying the Pink Ladies. It's a perfect match for the namesake of their group.


What was the name of the T-Birds' rival gang?

The Scorpions were the T-Birds' rival gang that drove around in a flashy black car with flames on the sides. They show up throughout the movie, always slinging threats at the T-Birds.


What was the name of the malt shop where the kids hung out?

Frosty Palace was the name of the malt shop where the kids hung out. It's also the setting of the "Beauty School Dropout" song. The filming location's exterior was one of the few that was shot on a back lot and not an actual site.


Who was the announcer and judge for the dance contest?

Vince Fontaine was the announcer and judge at the National Bandstand dance contest at Rydell High. Marty took a liking to him even though he was substantially older than her. She tried to captivate him with her fancy green dress and charms.


What was the name of the band performing at the dance-off competition?

Johnny Casino & The Gamblers provided the music at the dance-off competition. They sang popular songs like "Hound Dog" and "Born to Hand Jive."


What does Danny give Sandy at the drive-in?

Danny gives Sandy his ring. She sees it as his effort to go steady with her and be respectful of her. However, he later tries to go all the way with her and she ends up storming out of the drive-in, leaving him all by his lonesome.


Where does the drag race take place?

Thunder Road was the place where locals often drag raced, and it's where the T-Birds and the Scorpions had their match. The leader of the Scorpions wanted to race for "pinks," or pink slips also known as ownership papers.


Who played the role of Rizzo?

Stockard Channing did an excellent job playing bad girl Betty Rizzo in Grease. Channing is also known for her role on "The West Wing." The 2016 remake saw Vanessa Hudgens playing the role.


At the Homecoming bonfire, Coach Calhoun says "Give 'em ____, Rydell!" (Fill in the blank.)

Coach Calhoun says "Give 'em hell, Rydell!" as he gives his Homecoming bonfire speech. Apparently, Rydell had been in a seven-season slump and Coach Calhoun was longing to ring that victory bell.


When she's mad at Danny, Sandy hangs out with a jock. What sport does the jock play?

The jock Sandy hangs out with is seen playing football early in the film. In fact, they meet at the Homecoming bonfire during Coach Calhoun's speech. His name is Tom and though he's cute, he doesn't have much going on in the brains department.


What is Marty's last name?

Marty Maraschino introduces herself to Vince Fontaine by explaining that her last name is like the cherry, which really gets his attention. In fact, he misses his first call to the stage because he's sweet-talkin' Marty; he ends up dragging her around all night by hand, much to her pleasure!


For what is Jan in the Pink Ladies known?

Jan of the Pink Ladies is known for her love for food. She is often seen eating a copious amount of food. When she goes to the dance-off competition, her date brings the "provisions" in the form of candy bars.


During Danny and Cha Cha's spotlight dance, what inappropriate event happens live on television?

Doody, Sonny, and Putzie sneak over to the camera during Danny and Cha Cha's spotlight dance, pull down their pants, and moon the camera! America got an eyeful of three bare bottoms that evening!


Which dancing dynamo played Sandy in a 2016 live television remake of Grease?

Julianne Hough played the roll of Sandy in a 2016 live television remake of Grease, to great fanfare. She is also known for being a dancer and a judge on "Dancing With the Stars," as well as starring in films such as "Safe Haven" and "Rock of Ages."


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