Are You High or Low Maintenance in Relationships?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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We have all been in relationships where we had to be the adult, or where we felt assured that we were not responsible for our partner getting out of bed in the morning. The question is, which romantic partner are you?

Who makes the plans most of the time?

How often does your partner make dinner?

Never mind who made it: who decides what you're having for that dinner?

Does your partner regularly have to remind you to go to bed?

Do you over-spend the family budget?

Do you automatically factor your partner into your smallest decision?

Do you spoil your partner a lot?

Who organizes the paying of the bills?

Who makes the arrangements for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Do you think your partner is a little lazy?

Does your partner have to remind you to eat green vegetables?

Do you have to speak to your partner's family more than they speak to yours?

Do you buy most of the groceries?

Has your partner ever had to apologize for something you did?

Have you ever gotten drunk at a time that meant your partner had to take care of you?

Can you be totally relaxed around your partner?

If you have a bad day, do you know that seeing your partner will make it all better?

Does your partner make most of the decisions about how your household is run?

Do you ever embarrass your partner at parties?

Do you ever act silly just to make your partner laugh?

Are you ever annoyed instead of thrilled to hear your partner's ring tone coming out of your phone?

Does your partner mind if you need some alone time?

Do your friends think your partner is good for you?

Do you feel proud to be with your partner?

If your partner left their socks on the floor, would you tidy them?

Have you ever done your partner's laundry?

Who collects the dry cleaning?

A button has come off your shirt! What now?

Your partner is having a busy week. What might you do to help them out ?

Do you know that your partner's arms are the ultimate safe place?

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