Are you Groot?

By: Ashley Duncan
Image: Youtube

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We all long to be strong, independent, helpful, and most importantly ... adorable! The real question is, are you Groot? Take our quiz to find out if you have what it takes to be Groot!

Good or Evil?

Which of these choices best defines your personal life?

Can you take a joke at your own expense?

What percentage of a plan do you have?

What is your weapon of choice?

Are you good at public speaking?

I'm telling you you're wrong; what are you going to do about it?

Who would you rather spend your time with?

Would you help your friends break out of a high security prision?

Can you beat a hallway full of enemies?

What do you do when a plan falls apart?

Which planet are you from?

How well do you understand quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering?

When you say "I am Groot," do you mean you are Groot, or do you mean something else?

Who's your favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy?

Which song would you rather jam to?

Which best describes you?

How tall are you?

How is your dancing?

What color is your skin?

Why do you want to fight evil?

What is your best fighting skill?

Are you a good leader?

Which quote speaks to you most?

Do you have secrets?

Who do you despise?

Do you think life is fair?

What is your goal in life?

How do you prefer to travel?

What do you want most out of life?

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