Are you Geek or Chic?

By: David Copper
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About This Quiz

You probably want to be chic. And who doesn't desire the approval of the beautiful people? But let's face it, you're either on the Chic list or the Geek list. Take the quiz and find out which list your name appears on!

Which of these landmarks would you most want to visit?

Your favorite breakfast food?

What did you like most about school?

Do you wear glasses?

Your favorite type of bird?

Which of these forms of transportation would you prefer?

Your favorite movie genre?

How do you like to dance?

Your favorite subject?

Your favorite game?

Which of these accidents are you most likely to have?

which of these compliments have you gotten?

Which career sounds best?

How do you decide on a haircut?

Which sounds like a good name for a pet?

Favorite kinds of TV shows?

What do you like most about your family?

Favorite Star Wars Character?

What impresses you most?

Do you like sports?

What does your favorite music make you want to do?

What is your least favorite kind of movie?

Which of these would you never eat?

Which of these have you done?

What matters most to you?

Which of these would you never wear?

Which of these sounds most fun?

What do you do for attention?

What is your biggest talent?

When was the last time you cried?

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