Are You Dumb?

By: Emily Maggrett
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Have you ever invested in a timeshare? Forgotten to bring your passport to the airport? Neglected to dress up for a job interview? Dared to guess someone else's age? If so, you might be just another human, but there's also another possibility: you're dumb. Don't be so shocked by this idea! From time to time, we all make foolish mistakes. And, as a consequence, we all wonder whether we're dumb. Are you brave enough to actually seek out the truth? In this quiz, we're getting deep, asking serious questions about the dumb things you do in order to figure out whether you're extremely dumb, a little bit dumb, not that dumb or a total Homer Simpson.

So, be honest: do you send your boss emails at 3AM? Lock your keys in the car? Say "I seen" instead of "I saw"? Whatever your level of dumbness, this quiz will determine it, using a combination of keen psychological questioning and our finely calibrated stupidity calculators. Even if your IQ tests in the high hundreds, you might be surprised by your results, since intelligence tests don't generally measure common sense. Are you ready to find out just how big a dummy you are? Take this quiz, fool!

Do you like Smash Mouth?

When trying to end a phone call, have you ever gotten caught in a "thank you"/"you too" loop?

If you were a "Friends" character, which one would you be?

Be honest: do you know what paprika is?

When's the last time you said something flabbergastingly rude?

Have you ever used quotation marks for emphasis?

What do you do when a button falls off your sweater?

In your opinion, is "Dumb and Dumber" a good movie?

Have you ever tried to change someone's mind by arguing with them on their Facebook wall?

Do you still tie your shoes using the "bunny ears" method?

How often do you wash your sheets?

It's sad, but scams happen. Has someone ever tricked you into donating to a fake charity?

How often do you fall down in front of large groups of people?

In school, did a teacher ever make you wear a dunce cap?

Do you refrigerate tomatoes?

Staring into space: boring or kind of relaxing?

Is "Neveah" a cute name?

If you're in a hurry to get somewhere, do you speed even though it will only buy you a few minutes?

Have you ever ignored your email inbox so hard that you missed something really important?

Just between us, do you lie to your therapist?

Ladies: have you ever worn heels on a hiking date?

Do you offer people unsolicited advice?

Look at your wardrobe. Are you guilty of buying the exact same pants, shirts or skirts over and over again?

How often do you replace your sponges?

Do you turn down your car radio when you're looking for a new address?

"Fuller House": quality TV show or unnecessary reboot?

Some vendors use hidden fees to really ramp up the costs of their services. Have you ever bought something that ended up costing much more than you thought?

Are you afraid to use self-checkout at the grocery store because you're not sure how it works?

Do you know who your members of Congress are?

How many times a day do you check your social media accounts?

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