Are you Casper the Friendly Ghost or One of His Spooky Uncles?

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Casper, the Friendly Ghost is known for his charming friendliness, but the same cannot be said for his uncles. They're stinky, bossy, and often rude, but when it comes down to it, still a loving family. Which of these ghostly characters are you most like? Play on to find out!

Are you good at making friends?

What do you do when you have a crush?

Do you enjoy being helpful?

How often do you accidentally scare friends or family members?

Do you get along with your family?

How do you respond when someone encroaches on your territory, personal space, or things?

Do you enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting strangers?

How's your morning breath?

What's your voice like?

Would you ever walk into someone's residence without first being invited?

Do you ever have a hard time sticking up for yourself?

What do you do when you feel threatened?

Have you ever befriended someone who you expected not to like?

Is being polite and courteous important to you?

Who are you in your friend group?

How old are you?

Do you think ghosts and human witches can be friends?

Has anyone ever accused you of being demanding?

If you were a ghost, what would be your go-to scare tactic?

Do you like to dance?

If you were a ghost, would you take advantage of your ability to possess human bodies?

What color shirt or blouse would you choose to wear to a family-friendly dance party?

Are you romantic?

What's your favorite thing to do?

What's your quirk?

Are you open about your feelings?

Would you be willing to face the most powerful warlock in the world if it meant you might save your friend?

How's your aim?

Are you a team player?

Are you a hugger?

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