Are You Attracted to Gentlemen or Bad Boys?

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A classic romance dichotomy: choosing between the clean cut gentlemen and the mysterious bad boys. Which do you lean towards - charming or edgy? Play on to find out your type!

Do your parents usually like/approve of your boyfriends?

Have any of your boyfriends ever gone out of their way to open a car door for you?

Pick a favorite boyfriend-tee color:

Would you say you have baggage?

Your longest relationship lasted for:

You can't resist a man:

What's your biggest turn on?

What's your biggest turn off?

How do you feel about motorcycles?

Kissing happens on what date?

Which movie genre is best for first dates?

How do you usually meet your boyfriends?

Who pays?

Which best describes your "type"...?

Pick a favorite male superhero:

You like a man who wears...

Who sounds more interesting?

How do you feel about cigarettes?

Tattoos are:

Are you impulsive?

It's not a romantic relationship without:

How would you respond if your boyfriend asked you to break curfew or stay out irresponsibly late on a work night?

You'd notice a guy wearing what type of jacket?

Do you expect your boyfriends to introduce you to their friends/family at some point?

What's the first think you look for in a potential boyfriend?

How do you feel about piercings?

Is chivalry dead?

Have you ever dated anyone with a "record"?

How do you prefer to spend your Friday nights?

You generally prefer to date people who are:

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