Are you an Optimist, Pessimist or Realist?

By: Ana Todorovic
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Is the glass half full, half empty or just a glass of water? Find out if you're an optimist, pessimist or realist.

When going grocery shopping, you usually:

When getting up for work, you tend to:

Your friends invite you out this weekend, you most likely will:

How organized are you?

The house needs a good cleaning, you are inclined to:

There is an important project due at work, in the past you have:

When you decide what to have for dinner, you always:

When picking out clothes in the morning, you think:

When you look at modern art, you think:

You are on your 3rd date of the week with another dud. What do you do?

When you were a child you wanted to be:

In the morning when the birds start chirping, you think:

A new piece of technology comes out in the news, you:

When you get to work, there are 150 new emails in your inbox, you proceed to:

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon, your day is spent:

When you are stressed out, you tend to:

Do you like to sing in the car or shower?

How many friends do you have?

If you summed up your life in a phrase, it would be:

If someone were to describe your personality they would say:

On the weekend you like to:

When you run out of milk for your morning cereal, you:

You finally have some down time from your busy schedule, you tend to:

Would you consider yourself:

How persistent are you?

Would you consider yourself a caring person?

When you watch a movie with your friends, you tend to:

When you hear about global warming, you think:

Do you consider yourself:

Do you consider yourself hard working?

If you were a marker, what color would you be?

There is a raffle at work, you:

When packing for vacation, you:

You finally decide to use that gym membership! Yay! You think:

You and your significant other go to Ikea, the trip goes:

You miss the bus to work, you think:

Your friend tells you about this awesome personality quiz online, you proceed to:

A documentary on space playing in the iMax theater, you decide:

There is an early morning meeting at work, you:

Your significant other made breakfast, you:

You learn jogging in the morning can increase your metabolism, you proceed to:

Your best friend complements your shirt, you think:

You like your coffee...

When your boss asks you to stay late to help finish an important project, you:

The kids are arguing over a toy, you:

The last time you took a class, your study style was:

For your birthday, your mother gives you an ugly sweater, you:

Your friends are coming over for dinner and you're missing a key ingredient for the soup you're serving. You proceed to:

When you see a smiley face, you think:

You think emoji's are:

There is nothing better than:

If you have to decide between something you want to do and something you have to do, you:

You would rather:

When looking at the stars, you think:

In any situation you expect:

You are given a pad of paper, you proceed to:

When you go shopping for new clothes, you:

Your office is:

You are lost with no GPS at hand, you:

If you were a sea creature you would be:

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