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A misfit group of convicts get their orders to train for a top secret Nazi mission led by rebel leader Major Reisen (Lee Marvin) and as a result, become heroes

Major Reisman, played by Lee Marvin, attends a hanging at which prison?

Arthur J. Garner is a murderer who is sentenced to death. The opening scene introduces the criminals who become the main cast of characters.


General Worden reviews Reisman's file and concludes he is_____________________?

Worden also says Resiman has a lot of "fireworks" and "transfers." He feels he is the man for a top secret mission.


What is the name of the mission Reisman will take on?

He will go with a small troop behind enemy lines to eradicate the Nazi senior officers at a chateau. He will train 12 convicts to be his troop.


Who plays General Worden?

Borgnine's career spanned 1951-2012. He maintained a friendship with Tim Conway (they both played in McHale's Navy), and he teamed up with him for the voice of Mermaid Man to Conway's Barnacle Boy in "SpongeBob Squarepants."


Which quote was never said by a member of the Dirty Dozen?

"I don't like officers," was said by Wladislaw to Reisman while in prison; "I have a pain," was said by Franko when he din't want to line-up; "Vengeance is mine," was said by Maggot as part of a religious rant.


What are the conditions of the mission that Reisman sets forth before training?

Resiman hopes the men will bond as a unit. This requirement is challenged during training.


How does the unit get the name the "Dirty Dozen"?

When Franko revolts over their cold water for shaving, Reisman bans them from any clean hygiene. All of the men back Franko which is what Reisman had hoped.


What is the first task at training camp for the unit?

Reisman brings the men to an empty field and tells them to work together to build their quarters. It serves as a bonding activity as part of their training.


Which character plots to escape training?

Franko steals some wire cutters to escape, but he is stopped when Wladislaw and Jefferson confront him.


Which character knows how to speak German?

This will come in handy for the mission when the unit hopes to infiltrate the German hideout. Wladislaw will pose as a Nazi.


Which officer always seems to be out to get Reisman and the Dirty Dozen?

Breed, played by Robert Ryan, puts continuous roadblocks in the way of the Dirty Dozen. Ryan's last film was "The Iceman Cometh" in 1973, the same year he died.


When Wladislaw is asked what word he associates with "weapon," what is his reply?

Wladislaw groups his answers based on certain topics, which irritates the psychiatric evaluator. He starts with baseball topics and then switches to cities.


Which is NOT the name of a Dirty Dozen member?

Half of the dozen had minor roles. While it is disclosed what the punishments were for each of the members, not all of the crimes were revealed for the minor characters.


Who is determined to be the most dangerous among the unit?

The unit's doctor describes Maggot as "twisted" and "psycho." His hatred of women endangers them.


Why was Posey in prison?

Clint Walker played Posey. He is best known for his role as Cheyenne Bodie in the TV series "Cheyenne." At 6 feet, 6 inches, he is a large man who plays a mostly mild-mannered one in "The Dirty Dozen".


Trini Lopez plays Jiminez. What does he do in the movie which mirrors his real-life pursuits?

Lopez had contract issues and removed himself from the film, so his character had to be written out before the mission got underway. He was signed on a record label by Frank Sinatra.


Which actor returned for two of the sequels, but as a different character?

Telly Savalas played in other war movies such as "Kelly's Heroes" and "Battle of the Bulge." He is best known for his role as Lt. Kojak in the television series, "Kojak."


Pinkley has to pose as a general. What advice does Reisman give him?

Pinkley gloats in his role as a general and almost blows their cover in front of General Breed's suspicious eye.


Who comes to aid Wladislaw in the latrine when he is beaten up by Colonel Breed's soldiers?

Jefferson and Posey are the two biggest men in the unit. They all get another shot at Breed's men when they are visited at the training camp.


Why are the Dozen called to the MP building at the end of training?

Reisman feels they are entitled to it for their training. Maggot is the only one who does not indulge. He is put on watch tower duty.


In a meeting of the officers to discuss the status of the Dirty Dozen's training, what does Reisman say?

Reisman is convinced his men are ready for action. The officers are not so sure and a little bet over a War Games competition is waged before the mission.


During the War Games in Devonshire, the Dozen uses what tactic to defeat Colonel Breed's men?

Posey pretends to be one of Breed's injured men and uses ketchup for his injury. The group is able to steal jeeps and an ambulance to gain entrance to Breed's camp.


What is general Worden's reaction to the Dozen's success in taking over Breed's headquarters?

Worden recognizes Wladislaw but says nothing to give him away. The general seems to be rooting for the Dozen in subtle ways throughout the film.


What Disney character is used in the model of the mission?

There is a large model of the chateau and its surroundings over which the men memorize and review their plan over and over. A figurine of Donald Duck is placed at the crossroads representing a soldier with a machine gun.


What is Step #17 in the plan?

There was no #17 in the plan. But Reisman wants the men to know that success lies at the end and adds it as a step.


What is Pinkley's job during the mission?

Several times Pinkley gets nervous as he waits outside of the chateau and a German guard walks near him. One wants a light for his cigarette and Pinkley waves him away, but the guard moves in to get one without the need for conversation.


How does Jiminez die?

His neck breaks after he hits an apple tree when parachuting down. His death is reported to the others and they adjust their roles in the plan.


What does Reisman say to Wladislaw before the mission begins at the chateau?

The Germans are scrambling to get into the bomb shelter and the Dozen have infiltrated. Wladislaw and Reisman have to be sure to lock the Germans in.


When Maggot gets out of control at the chateau and threatens the mission, which of his comrades shoots and kills him?

Jefferson feels compelled to kill Maggot who is so crazed he is no good for the mission. Maggot went off-course when he grabbed a German woman and stabbed her.


What was Jefferson's final act for the mission?

One of the most important jobs of the mission -- the grenades were dropped just in time, but Jefferson was killed soon after. Taking the covers off the vents slowed the task.


Who does not survive the mission?

At the end, Resiman and Wladislaw are show in hospital beds with Kinder on crutches. Franko almost makes it out with the other three, but is shot from behind right after he shouts, "We made it!"


What does Wladislaw say in the hospital room at the end?

Wladislaw is bitter about losing most of his troop. He feels he accomplished some good in killing the Nazi officers in his mission.


Who was offered the role of Reisman before Lee Marvin?

Wayne made another military film that year, "The Green Berets." He played Colonel Mike Kirby and starred with David Janssen and Jim Hutton.


Which was NOT a sequel to "Dirty Dozen"?

"The Next Mission" came along 18 years after the original and spawned two more films. Ernest Borgnine returned for all three sequels.


Which actor claimed he did not like the film?

Marvin claims he made the film for the money and felt it did not reflect the war realistically.


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