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Dorothy Gale discovers the Land of Oz, meets munchkins, befriends a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Lion, then defeats a witch only to find there's no place like home.

In the opening credits, to whom is the movie dedicated?

It commends those who have been faithful to the story. It leads into a view of Dorothy running down the road toward her farm.


Everyone knows Auntie Em, but who is her husband?

Uncle Henry seems a little more passive than Em. She wears the pants in that relationship!


What prompts Dorothy to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"

Dorothy feels she is in the way after falling in the pig sty. Aunt Em scolds her.


The movie begins and ends in black and white. When does it change to color?

The house has landed and a beautiful colorful place comes alive when Dorothy steps outside.


What does Glinda first ask Dorothy?

Dorothy is confused and says she is not a witch at all. Glinda thinks she must be magic if she killed the Witch of the East.


Which is NOT the name of one of the three farmhands?

Zeke (plays the Lion), Hickory (plays the Tin Man), and Hunk (plays the Scarecrow).


What does the Mayor of Munchkin Land declare?

They are free from the Witch of the East. Gifts and gratitude are given to Dorothy.


Who are the Witch's henchmen?

There is an army of the blue-hued monkeys. Ironically, one later applauds over her death.


Why does the Witch of the West say the ruby slippers are of no use to Dorothy?

The Witch tries to make the slippers seem unimportant so she will give them up. It turns out Dorothy must die before anyone else can get the shoes.


Why does the scarecrow first talk to Dorothy?

Dorothy is at a crossroad when she leaves Munchkin Land. The Scarecrow tries to help her.


Why does Scarecrow say he is a failure, aside from missing a brain?

He asks Dorothy if he scared her when he fell; she says no. He is disappointed he can't scare anyone and then a crow lands on his shoulder.


What does the scarecrow claim?

The Scarecrow becomes something of a leader and shows no fear.


How do the Scarecrow and Dorothy get apples to eat?

The pair finds the Tin Man in their hunt for the apples. He is rusted and standing with his axe in the air.


Buddy Ebsen was supposed to play the role of the Tin Man. Why did the part go to Jack Haley?

Ebsen had a near deadly reaction to the silver paint. Margaret Hamilton, who played the witch, also had health issues after she suffered burns from the fire used in her entrance/exit scene; it ignited her make-up.


What does the Witch threaten to do to the Tin Man?

She also threatens to make a mattress out of the Scarecrow.


The Witch puts Dorothy and her friends to sleep in a field of what?

She puts a spell on them to slow them from getting to Oz. Glinda makes it snow so the spell wears off.


The Lion sings, "If I only had _____________________."

The word "courage" is two syllables and would throw the song off when the others sing "a heart" and "a brain."


How many witches are in this movie?

The Wicked Witch of the East (Dorothy dropped the house on her); Glinda the Good Witch of the North; the Wicked Witch of the West (Dorothy's enemy).


When the group enters Oz, they meet a horse of a different color. How many different colors is it?

It is first white, then purple, then red, then yellow. It draws the carriage that carries the group through Oz.


What is the message the Witch writes across the sky?

The group is finally allowed to see the Wizard because Dorothy is the one referred to in the sky message.


What is the Wizard's initial message to the group?

Dorothy's crying and regret over leaving Aunt Em persuades the gatekeeper to get them in to see the Wizard despite his message to "go away."


Where does the group tidy up before seeing the Wizard?

They each get pampered. The lion get his mane curled almost like Dorothy's hair.


What weapons do Dorothy and her companions NOT have when they leave Oz to confront the Witch?

The bucket is an incidental "weapon." They do not bring it along.


Who do the Flying Monkeys grab in the forest?

They also grab Toto and take them back to the Witch's castle. Toto later escapes.


Frank Morgan played the Wizard, but he also played four other roles. Which did he NOT play?

Professor Marvel is the first person Dorothy meets when she runs away from home. He tricks her into going back to the farm.


The Witch tells Dorothy she only has the time left in the hour glass. What color is the sand in it?

Dorothy is rescued by her friends just as time runs out. Little does the witch realize but her own time is running out too!


How do Dorothy's friends get inside the castle?

The guards jump them, but they steal the uniforms and fall into the formation that enters the castle. Toto follows behind.


What is the reaction of the Guards when Dorothy melts the Witch?

Just prior to this a Flying Monkey stands over the melted witch and claps. Dorothy apologizes.


What does the Wizard award to the Lion?

The Wizard gives symbolic items for the courage, heart, and brains the trio seeks.


The Scarecrow earns a degree in what?

Scarecrow is chosen to rule in the Wizard's stead when he takes Dorothy back home due to his intellect. He was no dummy.


The Wizard will take Dorothy home. He says, "Back to the land of ________________________."

The Wizard claims he is a Kansas man too. The phrase refers to the United States (one of many).


What must Dorothy do before she uses the ruby slippers to get home?

Dorothy understands that she should appreciate what is in her own backyard. In other words, appreciate her family and friends because "There's no place like home."


What is grouchy Miss Gulch's first name?

Her name is mentioned when she comes to the farm to complain about Toto.


What advice does Dorothy get from the farmhands in how to deal with Miss Gulch?

Zeke (who also plays the Lion) instructs her to do something that would take courage. Everyone dislikes Miss Gulch.


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