Are you a trick or treat?

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Halloweens coming. You have your costume picked out, candy purchased, and now the only question to ask yourself is, "Are you a trick? Or, are you a treat?"

How well do you take care of your health?

How many celebrities have you met in your life?

What is your favorite kind of candy?

What would you most likely be for Halloween?

What is your favorite Halloween activity?

What are your favorite kind of books?

What Trick or Treat item do you hate the most?

What time do you head out on Halloween?

How big is your Trick or Treating group?

What is your favorite scary place?

What is your favorite thing to watch in space?

What type of costume do you like the most?

What is your favorite kind of music?

What is your favorite scary animal?

What is your highest level of education?

Which of these monsters will live the longest?

How often do you watch scary movies?

How would you like to be buried?

What political office would you run for?

What is the best football team in the nation?

What is your favorite type of automobile?

How scared do you get on Halloween?

How well do you scare people?

What is the scariest movie?

How do you get around town on Halloween?

How do you carry all your candy on Halloween?

What is your biggest prank?

Who are you most likely going to scare this halloween?

What is your favorite month?

What device will you use to find your way around at night?

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