Are You a Player or Do You Get Played?

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Of course you think you're a player, but how hot is your game, really? Player, this quiz will test your player-dom for real. Are you a player? Find out with the player quiz.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend?

How do you feel when you get dumped?

How often do you pay when you go out on dates?

How often have you borrowed money and never paid it back?

Is it okay to lie?

Would you forgive someone that cheated on you?

What is sex to you?

Have you ever lived with someone for free?

Do you dump them or do they dump you?

You've just met someone new, who wants to know if you will go with them on a cruise. Who pays?

Do you lean on people to support you financially?

Were you spoiled as a child?

Is finding people to date a game to you?

How do you feel after you make love to someone for the first time?

Do you manipulate people with sex?

Do you ask to be taken to expensive places?

You want to go out tonight and need a ride, how soon do you need it?

When you are talking to someone you find attractive in a bar, how much do you really listen to them?

Would you pretend you liked something you didn't, just to impress someone you wanted to date?

How often are you late?

You just woke up after having a one night stand, what is your first thought?

Do you brag about your misdeeds?

How cool are you?

If you had a dream that you were in court for a criminal case, who would you be?

If you find out a friend stole from you, what would you do?

You have been dating a month, do you want to meet your partner's family?

You just went home with someone for the first time and it went great, are you going to see them this weekend?

Would you let the person you are dating go through your phone?

Do you ever tell different stories about yourself to the same person?

You've been hanging out with a prospective partner for two weeks off and on, do you want to be Facebook friends?

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