Are You a McDonald's Expert?

By Stella Alexander on April 12, 2018

About This Quiz

BA DA BA BA BA! Finish the slogan! McDonald's is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, second only to Subway. Even with its second place position, the chain reigns supreme when it comes to revenue, making over $36 billion in 2016. From its slogan to its menu, are you a McDonald's expert?

The fast food world began in the 1920s with the coming of White Castle. A&W would follow in 1923 and a few years later, we would have McDonald's! It would go on to be the world's best-performing hamburger and fast-food chain. Are you an expert on this fast-food brand?

McDonald's was founded on the West Coast, but in what state and city? What is the name of the McDonald's logo and where was it first used? What is the name of the famous clown associated with the fast-food chain? While its history might be a bit harder, can you master the delicious McDonald's menu?

While Burger King has the Whopper, what's the iconic sandwich from McDonald's? Can you remember the jingle that goes along with it? What two letters does the chain like to put in front of its products? If you can answer these questions, you just might be a McDonald's expert, but there's only one way to know for sure!

Take this quiz and let's find out if a perfect score is on your menu!

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