Are You Up for a Little Roman Holiday?

By: R. White
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When Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) grows weary of the royal life, she slips out quietly into the Italian evening while on an official visit to Rome. An unsuspecting news reporter, Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), innocently encounters her and what comes next is a surprise to both of them.

The princess (played by Audrey Hepburn) is introduced in what scene/setting?

What reveals the princess's discomfort with being at the ball in the early scenes?

After the ball, the princess is helped in her preparations for sleep. What snack is included in this routine?

Before going to bed, what does the princess take an interest in?

While going through her schedule for the following day with the Countess, the princess has a tantrum and says, "Let me die in peace!" How is she calmed down?

When the doctor administers some medicine for the princess, what does he tell her?

Shortly after being left alone for sleep, Anne escapes from the residence and stows away in a supply truck on the premises. What does the side of the truck advertise?

Joe Bradley's character (played by Gregory Peck) is introduced in the film in what scene/setting?

On his way home from the poker game, Joe Bradley sees Anne on a street bench asleep. After speaking with her for a few minutes, he draws some conclusions. What does he comment aloud?

What phrase does Anne say repeatedly in her drugged stupor that becomes an inside comment in the final scene?

In their first evening together, Anne recites lines from her favorite poem to Joe. Which two poets do they argue about regarding who wrote the poem?

When Joe tries to send Anne "home" in a cab, he asks her where she lives. What is her response?

When Joe decides to take Anne back to his apartment to sleep, which request does she NOT make while there?

At what point does Joe realize Anne's true identity?

When the princess is discovered missing by her entourage, what is reported to the news agencies?

Which news agency does Joe Bradley work for?

What time was Joe Bradley's press appointment with the princess?

Who guards the princess at Bradley's apartment?

When the princess first wakes up in Joe's apartment, what does she notice that makes her realize she is not in her expected bedroom?

Anne tells Joe she must leave and heads out. Before going too far, she returns. Why?

Bradley follows the princess secretly through the streets of Rome. They each end up buying something. What do each of them buy?

Anne decides to get a short haircut to change her appearance. What is the name of her barber?

Bradley pretends to run into Anne again and they decide to spend the day together. From where does Anne tell him she ran away?

When Irving meets up with Bradley and the princess at a sidewalk cafe, Anne continues to build on her false identity. Which is a lie she tells?

Irving is let in on Bradley's ruse to get a story on the princess. In order to take photos of her, what does he use as a hidden camera?

Bradley has a side bet going with his boss that he can get an exclusive interview with the princess. How much is the side bet for?

Exploring Rome together, Anne and Bradley manage to get arrested by the police. What did they do and how do they manage to get out of it?

Which of the day's activities creates some hesitation in both Joe and Anne about the lies they have each been telling?

When Joe takes Anne to a local dance, the undercover agents swarm and try to recover the princess. Chaos ensues, fights break out, and Anne is photographed doing what?

Where and when do Anne and Joe share their first kiss?

Which quote is said by Joe, which captures one of the themes in the movie?

What does Anne ask of Joe when he drops her off to return to her residence?

Joe and Irving next see the princess at a press conference. Aside from their intent gazes at one another throughout the conference, what secretive verbal confirmation does the princess give Joe of her feelings for him while shaking hands with each of the press members?

Irving presents the princess with "commemorative" pictures from her visit. Which specific one does she peek at from the envelope?

What is the final shot of the movie?

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