Are You a Formula 1 Racing Expert?

By Steven Symes on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Formula One is an elite motorsport that people all over the world follow closely. It's been in existence for decades, boasting the latest in technological developments and car designs. Even from its inception, F1 cars have gone faster, accelerated quicker, stopped in less time, and cornered with greater force than other race vehicles.

Many people consider F1 racing to be the definite motorsport. They claim the drivers must be of superior skill, versus drivers in NASCAR, rally racing, etc. This is a topic of great debate, but the numbers and statistics seem to back up this point of view. That being said, even a number of diehard F1 fans have become disenchanted by what they say is a lack of fierce competition in the sport for the last several years. Photo finishes, last-minute thrilling passes through turns, and other elements that used to make the races exciting to watch are pretty much a thing of the past.

Still, Formula One continues to look ahead, pushing the latest tech like hybrid powertrains and safety halos. Just how much do you know about what's going now on in the sport, as well as its rich history? Test your knowledge now by taking this quiz!

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