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Test your knowledge of “Breaking Bad”. How big of a fan are you? Find out how much you really know with this fun 35-question quiz.

What subject does Walter White teach?

He teaches chemistry and also works in various labs.


Who plays the main character Walter White?

Bryan Cranston plays Walter White.


What does Walter Jr. say the veggie bacon smells like in the first ever episode?

He said it smells like band-aids.


How many people die throughout the 5 seasons of “Breaking Bad”?

There are exactly 270 deaths during the 5 seasons of Breaking Bad.


What is the name of Jesse's younger brother?

Jake Pinkman is Jesse Pinkman's teenage brother. Mr. and Mrs. Pinkman think that Jesse has a bad influence on Jake and do not like it when the two spend time together.


Breaking Bad is set in which state?

The show is set Alberquerque, New Mexico


Who is Walter's partner in crime on Breaking Bad?

Jesse Pinkman used to be Walter's student before the two started producing and selling meth together.


Which new hobby does Hank take up?

Hank starts collecting minerals.


What is the name of the school where Walter teaches?

Walter teaches at JP Wynn High School.


What is the name of Walt's wife?

Walt's wife is named Skyler White.


From what illness is Walter White suffering throughout the show?

He is suffering from an inoperable lung cancer.


What was Walter's original car?

Walter's Aztec has a faded paint job and has had its winshield broken several times throughout the show. Some say the Pontiac Aztek has an ugly plastic-like appearance.


What is the significance of the day Walter dies, September 7th?

Walter White was born on September 7, 1959, and dies exactly 52 years later, in 2011.


Do the characters on the show smoke real meth?

They actually smoked sugar or rock candy but did not inhale.


What is the name of the acid that Walter uses to dispose of his victims?

Walter uses hydrofluoric acid to dispose of his victims.


Where does the pseudonym Saul Goodman come from?

The pseudonym refers to the phrase “It's all good man”. It is the professional alias of James Morgan McGill, a former criminal lawyer.


Which motel makes a frequent appearance throughout the show?

The Crossroads Motel has the nickname 'Crystal Palace' as it is mostly populated by meth junkies. It is an actual motel in Alberquerque, New Mexico.


How did the location shoot of the series in New Mexico impact the local economy?

Breaking Bad has spent an estimated $60 to $70M on goods, services and more. To date, local businesses are still making money through merchandise and tourists who come to see the places where the show was shot.


What name did Walter Jr White adopt when he was in his rebellious teen phase?

He changed his name to Flynn.


How does Element 62, Samarium, which is used in the treatment of cancer, relate to the show?

There are exactly 62 episodes of Breaking Bad. Injections with samarium are used in the treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and osteosarcoma.


On the final day of filming for season 5, what kind of tattoo did Bryan Cranston get on the inside of his finger?

He got a Breaking Bad symbol tattooed on the inside of his finger.


What do the two chemical elements Bromine and Barium, the abbreviated forms of which appear as high-lighted boldface fonts in the title – (Br)eaking (Ba)d, have to do with the production of crystal meth?

They have nothing to do with the manufacture of crystal meth (methamphetamine).


How did the writer's strike of 2007-2008 change the script of the show?

Jesse was supposed to get killed in episode 9 of season 1.


Who are the only regular characters from the first season who never meet each other in the series?

Jesse and Walter Jr. never meet each other throughout the show.


When did the first episode of "Breaking Bad" air?

The first episode aired on January 20th, 2008.


What is the name of the street drug produced in the show?

It's called Blue Meth. According to the show, it is about 99.1% pure.


What kind of business does Walter buy to wash his illegal money?

He buys a car wash.


What occupation does Walter's brother in law, Hank Schrader, have?

Hank Schrader is a DEA Agent.


Which actor plays the role of Henry R. “Hank” Schrader?

Dean Norris plays the role of Hank Schrader.


Which actor plays the role of Walter's wife, Skyler White?

Anna Gunn plays Skyler White.


What was the name of Saul Goodman's personal bodyguard?

Huell Babineaux is played by Lavell Crawford, a stand-up comedian.


How much money did Walter bury in the desert?

Walter claims to have buried $80 Million in the desert where he first started to cook meth.


Who did Skyler White sleep with?

Skyler slept with her boss Ted Beneke.


What is on top of Saul Goodman's office?

On top of Saul Goodman's office is an inflatable Statue of Liberty.


What street does Jesse live on?

Jesse's house is located on 9809 Margo Street.


What is the name of Walter's second child?

Walter's second child's name is Holly.


What condition is Walter Jr suffering from?

Walter Jr. was born with cerebral palsy.


How does "Breaking Bad" end?

Walter spends his final moments in his meth labs, where he collapses after getting shot.


When did the last episode air?

The last episode aired September 29th, 2013.


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