Answer These Serious Morality Questions and We'll Guess Which Province You Live In

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Everyone has a moral compass, but not everyone uses it in the best way. Every day, that moral compass can be put to the test. It can even show others or ourselves our true colors. It can be judged and scrutinized by others if they don't agree or see life the same way. But just as we are all different, so are these moral compasses.

In Canada, it's safe to say that most Canadians have a good moral compass. Being neighborly, helping those in need and trying to be better people is something that most in the country can relate to. In different provinces, many people have different moral compasses. Someone in Ontario might have pretty good morals according to standard, while another in British Columbia might be a little less likely to have the same morals. A trip across the country of Canada can show the differences in personality and thoughts.

So, you're a Canadian who lives in one of the provinces. You know your morals, but maybe you don't think they match up with the morals that are most common in your province. Let's see if they do by taking this quiz to see if we can guess the province you live in!

You find an injured bird on the sidewalk. What is your next move?

That dream trip that you've been looking forward to with your family is here, but you found out that one of your tickets is no longer valid. What do you do?

If you accidentally committed a crime, what would you do?

You found out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them about it?

A neighbor is snowed in on your street. Do you help them?

When you're out and about and a representative of a charity approaches you, what do you do?

If you saw someone who looked terrified while out and about, what would you do?

Do you think white lies are bad?

You're on a hike and you hear someone calling, "Help!" Do you go looking for them?

If you accidentally cut someone off in a store, how do you react?

A door-to-door salesman has arrived at your door. What do you do?

It's time to make a customer service call. Are you sweet or a little angry?

Have you ever told someone you were busy to get out of meeting up with them?

What's your opinion on "ghosting" people?

Do you ever partake in gossip?

A secret between two coworkers was overheard by you, but you're not supposed to know it. Do you tell?

You find a $20 bill on the ground. What do you do?

Someone has done something embarrassing and you've witnessed it. How do you handle the situation?

You don't get along with a coworker. Do you ever try to take digs or jabs at them?

Would you ever take a bribe?

Someone just picked a fight with you online. What do you do next?

You're in Toronto and see a celebrity you love eating dinner with their family. What do you do?

Do you rush to a friend's side when they call you for help?

A friend is in desperate need of a job and there's an open position at your company. You know they aren't the best fit but you care about them. What do you do?

Would you give up your seat for an elderly person on a bus?

Ring, ring! It's a telemarketer calling. How do you react?

If you were stranded in the woods with a friend and had one last granola bar, would you give it to your friend?

Would you ever donate a body part to someone who needed it?

Do you ever refuse to talk to people who don't share the same opinions?

If you knew about a criminal, would you tip them off to the police?

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