Answer These Random Questions and We'll Guess If You're a Public, Private or Homeschool Kid

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We all know the stereotypes: public school kids are tough but ignorant, private school kids are fancy little snobs and homeschool kids are dorky know-it-alls. Many have spoken out against these biases, making the valid point that it's not fair to make assumptions about people based on where or how they went to school. But here's the thing: at the core of these stereotypes is a tiny grain of truth, something that started as a positive quality but has been twisted into a negative one. 

Public school kids really do learn a lot about handling conflict by going to school with tons of other kids. Private school kids really do develop sophisticated tastes through being given specialized instruction. And homeschool kids, through being allowed to co-create their curriculum, often develop an in-depth knowledge of the topics they're most passionate about. 

In this quiz, we're going to guess how you were schooled through asking random questions about how you'd react in several situations, from a politically charged Thanksgiving dinner to being granted the ability to succeed in any profession you choose. Believe it or not, the way you'd handle a lucky break or your father-in-law's political rant can tell us a lot about your personality and experiences! So, are you ready to prove to us that you don't (or do) fit your educational history's stereotype? Put away that textbook and come take this quiz!

If you were forced to cosplay a Harry Potter character for a year, who would you pick?

Let's say you're taking over a candy factory. What kind of treat would you make?

You've decided to foster a dog. Which one of these unfortunate pooches would you help?

In a giveaway, you've won the ability to redecorate your bedroom from ceiling to floor, for free! How would you do it?

For the rest of your life, you have to eat the same breakfast every morning. What will you be having?

Imagine that you're going to an academic conference. Which panel sounds the most interesting?

You're on your first date with a new guy or gal. They won't stop making dumb jokes (they're nervous). Which of these jibes would be a deal-breaker?

Would you rather have a tail, a unicorn's horn or scales on your lower legs?

Dinosaurs are real and small ones are available for riding like horses. Do you buy one? What kind?

Your boss offers you the choice between a demotion, transferring to a boring department or working overseas for three years. Which option do you choose?

Let's say you have the money to put a giant greenhouse in your yard. What would you grow in it?

At a dinner party, you have the choice of sitting across from any one of the following guests. Who would you pick?

Recently, you moved to a new city and are looking for new friends. You decide to take a night class in order to facilitate that. Which one of these courses would you try?

You have the choice of being a stay-at-home parent, the main breadwinner for your family or a very busy part-time worker and parent. How would you choose?

Which one of these events would you most like to have free tickets for?

Your next boyfriend can only have two of these qualities: rich, tall, young. Which qualities will he have?

A magical fish offers you the ability to succeed in any profession. What profession do you ask for his help in?

At Thanksgiving, your father-in-law disrupts dinner with political opinions that you disagree with. What do you do?

As a punishment from the cosmos, you have to relive your worst birthday experience. Which one of these would it be?

You're buying fresh flowers at the farmer's market. Which bouquet do you pick?

Imagine you can live in a gorgeous mansion, as long as it's located on one of the United States' many islands. Where would you dwell?

In order to receive your inheritance, you have to run one of your grandmother's businesses for six months. Which one do you choose to take over?

You get to have lunch with any celebrity, living or dead. Who do you want to meet?

At the library, you decide to pick up a new nonfiction audiobook for your commute. Which one of these sounds the most compelling?

Would you rather fight a giant dog, a wolf or a slow tiger?

Let's say multiverses are real and you have the power to live your life as a professor in one of them. What would be your area of expertise?

You're going to prison. Who's your best friend on the inside?

Imagine you could learn to play any guitar solo in the world. Which one would you shred on?

You're going out to eat. Which restaurant sounds good?

Let's say you have three children. How would you educate them?

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