Answer These Random Questions and We’ll Guess How Many People You’ll Sleep With by the End 2019

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While you cannot always predict the future, you can get a good idea about how things might play out for you in 2019. In fact, we're sure that your answers to these random questions will tell us how many bed partners you have in store for this year. Seeing is believing, and your results won't lie. It might be up to you to fulfill them, but we have every confidence in you.

We could ask you a bunch of questions about your lifestyle and the things you like in bed, but that would be too easy. Through our years, we've found that the best way to get an honest answer out of someone is to ask them something they are not expecting to be asked. It's not your stark sexual prowess that will give away your magic number, it's the way you react to our questions! 

Will you make it to third base with more than one person in 2019, or will you take a little trip around the horizontal hula amusement park? When you read our question, try to answer as honestly as you can. Then, we'll take our best shot and predict how many people you will get steamy with this year! 

How do you feel about black cats?

Which citrus fruit do you like most?

Which early video game do you enjoy the most?

Are you currently in a relationship?

What do you post most on Facebook?

Which former US president is most interesting?

What kind of beer do you drink?

Do you have any nervous habits?

Where would you like to vacation?

Have you ever been skiing?

What was your last dream like?

What would you name a new pet rock?

Do you believe in luck?

What kind of movie is your life most like?

Are you competitive?

Which mythical creature would you like to meet?

How many stamps are in your passport?

Which scientific field is the smartest?

Do you wear skinny jeans?

How should a steak be cooked?

Which word describes your sense of humor?

Would you like to be a police officer?

Would you see a fortune teller?

Are you in good physical shape?

Which branch of the military is your favorite?

Do you like cottage cheese?

Can you grow a beard?

Which spa service could you use?

Do you get motion sickness?

Have you ever owned a waterbed?

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