Answer These Questions About Your Personality and We'll Tell You Which Dog Breed You Should Adopt!

By: Teresa M.
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You've heard that you should choose a dog with a personality best fit for you, but what about the dog's choices? Your personality has a lot to do with canine compatibility, too! Tell us about you, and we'll tell you which dog is right!

Which word best describes your hungry self?

What kind of television shows do you like most?

Where are you most likely to go on a Wednesday evening?

Would you say you are ambitious?

What do you think people like most about you?

Which sport are you most likely to master?

Are you more street smart or book smart?

How would your boss describe your work?

Are you easy to anger?

Which character from "The Big Bang Theory" are you most like?

Would you be a good police officer?

Do others find you intimidating?

How tall are you?

What dish would you take to an office potluck?

Which kind of dog do you like least?

Which band do you prefer?

Which U.S. city would you most like to visit?

Would you consider going back to school?

How do you cheer yourself up?

How do you feel about glitter?

Why would you like to have a new dog?

What treat would you give your canine friend from time to time?

Do you have the patience for puppy training?

Do you think you make a good first impression?

How do you think your coworkers feel about you?

Are you competitive?

Do you talk to your pets?

What do you do to keep yourself in shape?

What kind of party are you most likely to attend?

Which word sums up your sense of adventure?

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