Answer These Questions About Your Habits and Interactions and We'll Guess Which Swear Word You Use the Most

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you as bold as an F-bomb dropped in a commencements speech? The way you interact with others and your personal habits give away many things about your personality. In fact, we're pretty sure we can figure out how much of pottymouth you are simply by getting to know you. At least, we're sure that your ways of being will tell us the swear word you use most often.

While some of us have zero problems using any swear word under the sun, others curse only when something takes them by surprise or really gets under their skin. No matter how much you let it rip, we're certain that there's one swear word you use more than others. 

We want to find out if you use the F-word like a comma or if there's a different word that automatically rolls off your tongue when you can't think of a better word. You might be a master at creative swearing, but we're going to stick with the good, old-fashioned swear words everyone has grown to know and love. 

Share your interpersonal ways with us, and we'll figure out which spicy word you pepper your words with the most. Quite honestly, we can't wait to see your results! Can you?

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