Answer These Questions and We'll Guess Which Junk Food Matches Your Personality

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We tend to think of our personalities as layers of experience, nature, nurture, emotion and education. It's unfortunate that we never think of it as junk food, because we all know how much everyone loves junk food! Since we cannot let a problem go unsolved, we've decided to pair your personality up with the junk food that matches you best. 

As we munch our way through this quiz, there's no reason to call junk food one of your guilty pleasures. We do not want you to associate your sweet and creamy personality with any sort of guilt. As they say, you can't take the Twinkies with you when you go. You might as well enjoy them now! 

Through a series of questions about your personality, the way you feel about food and your lifestyle, we'll be able to pair you with the junk food you are most like when you let out your waistband. Even if you've never considered yourself to have anything in common with your favorite junk foods, this quiz might surprise you. 

Are you more savory than sweet? Are you more salty than rich? After you answer these questions, we'll let you know which junk food matches you and your tasty-licious personality the best! 

How would you describe your sense of humor?

Which grocery store aisle costs you the most?

Are you more logical or emotional?

What kind of movies do you watch most often?

Do you believe in soulmates?

Are you outgoing?

How would you rate your manners?

Are you a good cook?

Would you prefer to go swimming or go skiing?

What is your best friend's best quality?

Which of the elements are you most like?

Which junk food is most addictive?

Do you like trying new foods?

What would be your superstore job?

What sort of pants do you wear most often?

Are you good at saving money?

Where would you most like to win a shopping spree?

Do you believe in astrology?

Which food duo are you and your best friend?

Do you prefer savory or sweet snacks?

Are you a courteous driver?

What do you do on Saturday afternoons?

Would you consider going back to school?

Are you handy around the house?

Which thing frightens you the most?

Which holiday is most fun?

Do you pay attention to politics?

What percent positive are you?

Do you make your bed?

Which board game could you rule?

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