Answer These Intimate Questions and We'll Reveal What You Really Need in a Man

By Teresa M. on May 17, 2018

About This Quiz

What do you really need in a man? Sure, men come in all sorts of different combinations, but some traits are undeniable! To find out the male quality and type that you most need in your life, we will need to ask you some very personal and extremely intimate questions. While some of us would love to have a tough and handy man hanging around, others of us would prefer someone unafraid to show their emotions. 

You might think you already know what you need your male counterpart to be like, but we often get stuck dating the same type time and time again. To make sure you never go out with the wrong type again, our quiz will help you figure out once and for all who to kick to the curb and how to cuddle up with at night! The way you answer our intimate questions will point us in the direction of compatibility. Then, it will go one step further to make sure you know what kind of man you need in your love life! 

Share your relationship likes and dislikes and some of the things you do in private. Once we know you as well as we can, we'll be able to reveal the type of man that would enhance your life! Let's find out and avoid another dating disaster! 

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