A Recent Study Gave This Skills Test to 100 Women and Only 2% Passed

By Stella Alexander on June 04, 2018

About This Quiz

What's 2 x 2? Who's the author of Romeo and Juliet? If you answered 4 and William Shakespeare, you could probably attribute this knowledge to your formal education, whether it ended with high school, college, or post-graduate. But what about knowledge beyond the classroom? High school classes such as home economics try to prepare students for basic necessities like sewing and cooking, but about life beyond a needle and thread and pots and pans?

As students, many people spend 12+ years in formal education. Throughout that time, you were learning math, science, history, grammar and more as a means to prepare for your future career. Whether you went into the work force immediately following high school or chose to further your education with undergraduate, graduate, or even doctoral degrees, did your courses prepare you for life as an adult? 

Millennials have coined the world "adulting" to mean a responsible person who is able to complete the normal tasks that most adults do. While this usually includes going to work, there's much more to life! When it comes to taxes, what form should you give your employer and what month should your taxes be filed by? How often should you get an oil change? What two numbers are printed at the bottom of a check? These are all basic life skills and knowledge that every adult should have. 

Can you prove that you're ready to "adult" by passing this test? Let's find out!

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