99% of people can't identify all these city skylines from just one image! Can you?

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City skylines are beautiful and constantly changing. Do you consider yourself a jet-setter who knows their world's cities? Take this quiz to see how observant you actually are!

Sydney and the surrounding area have a population of over four million people, which is about 20% of Australia's entire population. A "Sydneysider" is a person who lives in Sydney or the surrounding area.

Paris has had inhabitants since the Mesolithic period. In the 3rd century B.C., the Parisii tribe made this area their home, because of its advantageous location with the Seine River trading route.

San Fransisco was under the rule of Mexico until 1846, when the U.S. conquered it. It was found to be a great place for gold mining and became one of the major cities of the Gold Rush.

Beijing has history going back more than 3,000 years! The "Peking Man" was found near Beijing in Zhoukoudian; these fossils are claimed to date from 770,000 to 230,000 years ago.

Washington, D.C., is the capital of the U.S. and home to many famous government buildings and historical landmarks. A few of these are the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Institution, the Supreme Court Building, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Rome is the capital of Italy and known for its ancient ruins from the Roman Empire, such as the Colosseum. It's also famous for the beautiful cathedrals and Vatican Museums that showcase works of art from famous artists, such as Michelangelo.

Times Square is an icon of New York City, New York. It is in Midtown Manhattan and is where the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held, as well as the New Year's Eve ball drop.

Seattle is the largest city in Washington State, and is located on the west coast of the state. It is the home of the Space Needle, a 605-foot landmark that serves as a major tourist attraction for the city.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and at its center is the Plaza de Mayo. The plaza got this name when the Argentinians overthrew Spain in May of 1810; hence the name "May Square."

The most widely spoken language here is Afrikaans, although English and Xhosa are also official languages of South Africa and popular in Cape Town. Over 40% of the people in Cape Town speak Afrikaans. Xhosa is a Bantu language, coming from the native South Africans living in the Eastern Cape Province.

Istanbul extends across both Asia and Europe, and it is the only city in the world to be in two continents. The largest old covered bazaar in the world is here (The Grand Bazaar). Until 1923, Istanbul was the capital of Turkey. Turkey's capital is now Ankara.

St. Petersburg has been named and renamed several times. It was first named St. Petersburg in the early 1700s by founder Peter the Great; then when WWI began it changed to Petrograd to avoid sounding "too German." Leningrad became the new name when Russia became a communist country, however it was changed back to St. Petersburg in 1991, after the collapse of the U.S.S.R.

Miami is located on the east coast of southern Florida and has a semi-tropical climate. Its population is predominately Hispanic, and its close proximity to Cuba has shaped the cuisine, art, and nightlife of the city.

Diego Rivera was a famous artist whose work is displayed at the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. Rivera is said to be the most noticeable muralist in Mexican art; Mexican muralism became popular in the 1920s, during the revolution.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and has the country's largest port, Tanjung Priok. The Dutch settled in this area in the early 1600s, and the influence can still be seen today by the Dutch-looking buildings in North Jakarta.

Shanghai is on the Yangtze Delta in eastern coast of China. Although Shanghai is the largest city in China, Beijing is the capital.

Inside the Parthenon is a statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Parthenon lies on top of Acropolis, which means a "rocky hill"; this is also where the people of ancient Greece lived.

The ancient city of Cairo is Egypt's largest city and capital. It was given its name, which means "The Victorious," in the late 900s.

London is the capital of both the United Kingdom and of England. Icons of the city are the double-decker red buses, the Big Ben Clock Tower, and Westminster Abbey.

Johannesburg is the capital of the Gauteng province in South Africa. It was settled by an Australian prospector in 1886 because of the gold discovered there.

When Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama were a federation named the Gran Colombia, Bogota was its capital. Eventually, the federation separated into the countries they are today, and Bogota remained the capital of Colombia.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and has the Tokyo Skytree, a tower that is over 2,000 feet tall. The Skytree is one of the tallest structures in the world.

Lima is the capital of Peru and has a population of about 9 million people. Francisco Pizarro founded Lima in 1535. The city used to be called "La Ciudad de los Reyes."

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy took place in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. There is a memorial in Dealey Plaza, as this is where he was shot while riding in a car.

The Moskva river runs through Moscow, and is the reason for the name of this city. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The city is known for Red Square.

Taipei is home to the Shilin Night Market, one of the most visited and largest night markets in the country. It offers the tourists and locals who visit regional cuisine and merchandise.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is the leading commercial center of South India. Industries here include automobile manufacturing, petrochemicals, and software services.

L.A. is known as being an entertainment capital, with the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, and historic theater district. The warm weather is also a reason tourists want to visit!

Sao Paulo's nickname is "the city of drizzle," due to the rain. A large settlement of Japanese people live here, as Brazil has the largest number of Japanese outside of Japan.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is located in the center of the country. Bull-fighting began in ancient Spain around 700 A.D, and continues to be a traditional form of entertainment today.

Houston hosts options upon options for foodies, with over 11,000 restaurants to try. It also has a theater district, with eight performing arts organizations, and 12,000 seats! Houston is the largest city in the southern U.S.

Bangkok has a subtropical climate, with temperatures usually ranging from 77 degrees F to 88 degrees F. There are three seasons in Thailand: the hot season, rainy season, and cold season.

Chicago celebrates St. Patrick's Day by dyeing the Chicago River green, hosting Celtic performances and festivals, and even having the skyscrapers illuminated in green. Locals and tourists wear green on St. Patty's day and the days surrounding.

Santiago is surrounded by the Andes mountains and is also close to beaches. Maipo Valley, a well-producing wine region, is south of the city.

A major icon of Rio de Janeiro is the Christ the Redeemer statue, or the Cristo Redentor. It is located on the top of the Corcovado mountain and was created by a Brazilian engineer, a Brazilian artist, and a French sculptor.

Rogers Centre, the first stadium in the world to have a retractable roof, is in Toronto. This city hosts over thirty festivals and cultural events each year.

The country of Singapore has a tropical climate and a population of almost 4,300,000. It consists of the main island and approximately 50 other islands.

Milan is one of the four major fashion centers of the world, known for designers such as Versace, Gucci, and Armani. This city also hosts Europe's largest opera house, Teatro alla Scalla.

Philadelphia hosts the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is known for its 72 steps that Rocky runs up in the "Rocky" movie. This is a popular destination for tourists to visit, as they can run up the stairs and get a picture at the top.

Tianjin lies in northeastern China, on the coast of the Yellow Sea. The Tianjin Radio and Television Tower is an icon of this city, and it is 415 meters tall (that's over 1,300 feet!).

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka, a state in the south of India. It is known as the Silicon Valley of India, due to its large number of information technology companies.

Camp Nou is the home field for FC Club Barcelona and is the largest FC stadium in Europe. Its capacity is almost 99,000 and in 2014, plans were announced to enlarge the stadium to make its capacity 105,000.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, named after a town in England. The Pilgrims, who lived in Boston, banned Christmas from being celebrated from 1659-1681, because they believed it was a corrupt holiday.

Located on the Ravi River, Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan. Hindu legend says it was founded by Loh, who was the son of Rama, a hero in the epic poem, "Ramayana."

Melbourne's population is over four million, and there are over 900,000 people in the city on an average day. Over one million tourists visit Melbourne each year!

San Diego hosts many tourist attractions, such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland, sailing tours, and sandy beaches. It also is near to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park.

Phoenix is a part of the area known as "The Valley of the Sun"; warm to hot temperatures and sunlight are dominant here year-round. The hottest temperature recorded in Phoenix was 122 degrees Fahrenheit in 1990.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, located on the coast of the Río Tajo, also known as the Tagus River. The Río Tago is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Frankfurter Börse is the Stock Exchange of Frankfurt, and is the tenth largest in the world. Outside of it are two statues, one of a bear and one of a bull, which represent the volatility of the stock market.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, make up the "Twin Cities." The Mississippi River flows through Minneapolis, and the Mississippi Gorge Regional Park gives visitors the chance to see what this area looked like in pre-settlement times.

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