98% of People Can't Match All of These Flags With Their Countries! Can You?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

"Whose broad stripes and bright stars..." If you're from the United States of America, there's a likely chance that you've sung these lyrics hundreds of times. Written by Francis Scott Key and talking about the flag of the United States, hopefully you could recognize the flag from an image. What about the other countries throughout the world?

Let's have a quick geography lesson, shall we? There are 7 continents of the world, six of which are habitable. These 6 continents are made up of 197 different countries with their own flags. Could you recognize them?

When it comes to a country's flag, it usually gives you a glimpse of the history. The United States flag has 13 "broad stripes." These stripes represent the first 13 colonies. There are 50 white stars placed along the blue background. They are etched into every flag for the 50 states that make up the united states. How many other countries can you recognize?

While you're probably used to the red and white look of the Canadian flag, you might not have known that the red is symbolic of England while the white represents France.

All countries have their own flag that tells a story of their history. With all the 197 countries in the world, we're only asking that you remember 48 of them! Can you match all these countries to their flags?

Will your score leave you flying high? Let's find out!

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