98% of People Can't Identify All These Animals That Live in The United Kingdom! Can You?

By Valerie on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

There are many similarities between the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to the environment. Both have marshes, woodlands, highlands and lowlands, but there are differences, too. That’s why some of these animals like the grizzly bear, beaver and otter you'll find in both ecosystems, whereas the stoats, slow worm and European wildcat are found in the UK.  

However, if you are a lover of animals or are simply good at identifying animals from images, you’ll do well on this quiz. But be forewarned, 98% of the people who take this quiz were not able to identify them all. Are you in the top 2 percent? Find out now by taking the quiz.

You’ll also learn some fun facts along the way whether or not you answer the questions correctly. For instance, did you know the sand lizard is able to detach its tail from the rest of the body? It makes for a quick and surprising getaway when a predator has you by the tail. Stoats are the cutest animals ever, but just like skunks, they spray a bad-smelling fluid when they are in danger. You’ll even learn about the Chinese water deer, which are quite small - usually, they weigh only 25 to 40 lbs. and that includes tusks! Ready to begin? Click the button below to start the quiz.

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