98% of people can't guess which show this cartoon villain is from! Can you?

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You know these cartoon villains from your favorite cartoons growing up. But can you remember the television shows in which these villains created chaos? Take this quiz to challenge your inner bad guy!

Gargamel is a wizard bent on destroying those annoying Smurfs. During one of his escapades, he created a plan to lure Smurfs by creating a female smurf - the first one. Unfortunately for Gargamel, his plan failed and Smurfette became a contributing member of the Smurf village.

Known as the mortal enemy of Optimus Prime, Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons. "Transformers" have been seen in the comics, TV cartoons and real-life movies. In each, Megatron has killed Optimus Prime, with Prime never coming back from the dead in the same way.

Skeletor and He-Man have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, at one time, the two shared opposite halves of their sword, each vying for the other half and the sword's ultimate powers. While Skeletor is powerful in Eternia he is actually from another planet and tries to open a rift in the dimensional wall to bring his evil army to Eternia.

Mumm-Ra is the Thundercats biggest foe. Despite being evil himself, Mumm-Ra is actually an evil sorcerer who is bound to four other malevolent beings called the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

The Joker may be one of Batman's most well-known enemies. He has starred in comics, TV shows, cartoons and several movies. However, he almost didn't make it beyond his first comic run. In the 1940s, Joker was only supposed to appear in his first bout against Batman before being killed off. But the writers saw a glimmer of hope in this villain and decided to keep him going.

Cobra Commander is actually the member of a snake race which was forced underground when humans took control as the dominant species on Earth. Cobra Commander was a special agent of these snake people.

Dick Dastardly has a pet pooch named Muttley who is known to have a wheezy giggle every time Dastardly screws up. While Dastardly appears regularly on "Wacky Races," with schemes to win, he actually began as an enemy of Yogi Bear during the 1980s.

Popeye is known for getting kids to eat spinach. However, his nemesis - and sometimes buddy - had eyes of a more romantic nature. The rivalry surrounding Popeye and Bluto always surrounded both of their affections for Olive Oyl.

The Blockheads are Gumby's nemesis and found on most shows causing nothing but problems for Gumby and his sidekick, Pokey. While there are 26 Blockheads with letters on both sides of their heads, Blockheads "G" and "J" are the most popular.

Dr. Claw was the head of an evil organization that Inspector Gadget was frequently fighting. During the six-year run, viewers were only shown portions of Dr. Claw, the writers hiding Claws' face. It wasn't until 1992 when Inspector Gadget action figures were produced that kids could finally see what Dr. Claw looked like.

Mr. Burns is Springfield's biggest and wealthiest bully. While Mr. Burns can never quite remember Homer Simpson, despite their adventures together which includes a rendezvous with former Cuban President Fidel Castro, the two are distant cousins. This can be seen in a family tree in the opening scene.

Evil-Lyn is an evil sorceress who is Skeletor's second in command. Linda Gary, the voice actress also did the voices of Teela, The Sorceress, Adam's mother and sometimes She-Ra.

It's rare that the main character of a show is the villain of the show. Yet Brain, a lab mouse and genius, is one of the most reckless, laughable and vile mad scientists in cartoon history. His goal is to take over the world, but with a goofy sidekick like Pinkey and only measuring about three inches tall, this is more difficult than he thinks.

Don Karnage is one of the most beloved pirates in animation. With a jumble of accents and wiley features, this Foxy air pirate causes problems for Baloo and friends. While not obvious, there is an indication in reference to his past that Don Karnage comes from a succession of air pirates.

Dr. Doom is the antagonist of the Fantastic Four. However, there is clear evidence that Dr. Doom may actually have a lot of respect if not love for his nemesis. He helped to deliver a baby for them on the condition she is named Valeria - to whom he is a curiously good godfather. And at one point, he even admitted that Reed would be better at Lording over all creation. This is, in fact, the problem, as the jealousy leads Dr. Doom into a rage.

Hordak was a pretty bad dude. When She-Ra was born, he abducted her and raised her as part of his Horde. It wasn't until the Sorceress revealed She-Ra's true identity that she was rescued. He was also the mentor of Eternia's most vile villain, Skeletor.

While most fans know him as Yosemite Sam, throughout the Looney Toons series he has been called by several other nicknames such as Chilkoot Sam, Square-deal Sam, Riff Raff Sam, Sam Schulz, Seagoin' Sam, Shanghai Sam, and Sam Von Schamm the Hessian.

For a toad, Baron Greenback has a lot of power. While his dreams of overcoming the world are frequently thwarted by Dangermouse, Greenback has a widespread organization, a lot of powerful weapons and comes close to succeeding many times.

Claw is unique in that his personality varies throughout the two series in which he appears. He is either a bumbling fool or a cunning villain. He has a strong resemblance to the lion, "Scar," in the movie, "A Lion King."

Krang is not only unique to the Earth, but he is also unique to his own race. Krang is a brain-like being known as an Utrom who crash landed on Earth and peacefully assimilated, as is their benevolent nature. However, Krang was hostile and often one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' biggest rivals in his attempts at helping Shredder.

He may not look like it, but Feather's McGraw, is a mastermind and a bird of many feathers. Long thought to be a chicken, McGraw was eventually revealed as a surprisingly quiet penguin.

Mojo Jojo may be scarier than you thought. This genius monkey who is affixed with eliminating the Powerpuff Girls is voiced by the actor who plays "Scream" in the serial killer movie series.

Superman went up against many villains, but arguably one of the most popular was Lex Luthor. He also happens to be the only villain without superpowers - unless you include his mind.

All Plankton wants is the secret recipe for the Krabby Patty and will do anything to get it. This cellular-sized villain has done everything from abducting SpongeBob to creating a clone. He has at times even been in possession of the recipe, but never quite gets as far as he needs.

From comics to cartoon and the movies, Shredder has been the primary villain for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shredder often works with other villains, such as Krang, who try to help him defeat the turtles and continue his agenda.

While there is no villain more evil or more powerful in the original "Dragonball" series, Piccolo was originally only supposed to be a demon. He's also only one of two characters who has killed Goku.

Simon Bar Sinister is Underdog's biggest antagonist with ambitions to take over the world. However, he's always thwarted by Underdog. He made his real-life movie debut in 2007's "Underdog" movie.

This dynamic duo was the main antagonist to Ash Ketchum and friends in the "Pokemon" TV series. With less-than-thought-out plans to steal Pikachu, the duo produced more laughs than they did winning schemes.

Wile E. Coyote seemed to keep Acme in business as he tried over and over again to stop - and assumingly eat - the Road Runner. While his plans weren't all that bad and always came with plenty of fire-power, his downfall was the intellectual superiority of the Road Runner.

Zim may not be as vile as other villains in the cartoons but he sure has his moments. Sent away from his home planet is a shoddy spaceship, Zim surprisingly sets a base on Earth to study their culture.

The Duke was once a knight, but was banished from the kingdom for attempts to overthrow the king. He's also the main antagonist for the Gummi Bears in their '85 to '91 TV series.

Dr. Zin wants more than just world domination. He wants everything. He is the evil player who just can't seem to get past the good-natured Dr. Quest.

Cliff, Shriek, and Lube are the stereotypical playground bullies known as The Greasers. While they despise Cat for several reasons - namely for being a cat - Dog is actually initiated into the gang in part because he is canine and also because he has a cat for a butt.

Unlike many villains, Aku is a black mass of shadowy demon that has already taken over the world. As Jack's nemesis, Aku frequently physically and emotionally antagonized Jack, often choosing to attack when Jack was at his weakest.

Sideshow Bob was once a beloved, yet underrated, actor working with Krusty the Clown. After years of abuse, he finally framed Krusty the Clown for a crime which was eventually solved by a young Bart Simpson. Don't think that Sideshow Bob ever forgot that.

Him is a powerful villain of the Powerpuff Girls. Originally he was referred to as the devil, Cartoon Network put an end to that name citing that they don't allow any religious reference in shows aired on their network.

Hector con Carne was always evil. While young, he was tricked into an explosion with only his stomach and brain surviving. While on life-support for some time, he was eventually attached to the body of a bear which causes problems in his ability to successfully implement his evil ploys.

The Ice King is often shown wearing a robe which gives him the appearance of being short and fat. However, in the episode, "What is Life" the Ice King is shown without his robe revealing that he is actually tall and very thin.

Megavolt was once a frail and frightened science whiz. But, at a science fair two bullies sabotaged his experiment resulting in an explosion which gave Megavolt the ability to absorb and project electrical currents.

The image of Bill Cipher is based on the Eye of Providence which is located on the back of the U.S. dollar bill. His name comes from "bill" as in the dollar bill and "cipher" which is a form of encryption.

Tom Cat is Jerry's rival throughout the series, "Tom and Jerry." While Tom is frequently trying to catch Jerry, he often comes up against obstacles and other characters who inadvertently save Jerry while trying to fight, argue or catch Tom. The show was produced from 1940 to 1967 and is still found on TV today through reruns.

Verminous Scum wants nothing more than to destroy the planet. He is a rat-faced mutant and in all respects a drug dealer who appears in the episode, "Mind Pollution," which is considered one of the best attacks on drug abuse produced in cartoons.

Spidra has a great many things in connection to Inspector Gadget's previous nemesis, Dr. Claw, from being seen at her work area to her hidden unmaskings.

Frieza is one tough cookie going through multiple mutilations and surviving. Frieza has had his tail cut off three times and been cut in half twice.

In reality, while Natasha and Boris were bumbling, they should have been able to outwit and defeat Rocky and Bullwinkle. However, as cartoon villains go they could never break free from their perpetual downward spiral as the two pairs matched up. Often their antics were unwittingly thwarted by the moose and squirrel.

Venger is the antagonist for the group of humans who unwittingly time-warped into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons and were each given a totem. Venger needs those totems to take over the Realm. You can guess what happens next.

Duke Nukem is a popular name, both as a villain on "Captain Planet" and as an Apogee video game. While Apogee changed the name to Duke Nukum to avoid trademark rights and being sued by the producers of the hit cartoon, they soon found there was no trademark and switched the name back.

Magica de Spell is a sorceress on the hit series, "Ducktales." Her ambition is to steal Scrooge's lucky dime - his first dime - which she believes holds the power to make her as wealthy as Scrooge. She's gone on to appear in several series - "The Quack Pack," "Darkwing Duck," and the remake of "Ducktales."

Flint Glomgold is Scrooge McDuck's arch-rival in nearly all matters from business to becoming uber-wealthy. They are often taking off after the same treasures and adventures in a match to outwit and outduel each other. They have the same motives and are in many ways the same character - good or bad - sometimes it's hard to tell who's who.

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