97% of People Don't Know if These Football Rules Are Real or Made Up! Do You?

By Gavin Thagard on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

You hear a whistle and see a yellow flag thrown into the middle of the football field. It's another penalty; another rule was broken. Which rule was it? Do you even know the rules of football? Could you pass a quiz that 97 percent of people can't pass where you have to decide if the football rules are real or made up? Here's your chance to find out!

Most people don't like rules, particularly when they work against them. However, that's how a sport is defined, through its rules. Without them, players would be running around with a ball without knowing what to do with it, how to score, where to line up, or any of the other rules that create a game. That's no different for football, one of the major sports in the United States. 

Over the years though, rules have been added to football, further governing the game and making it more difficult for fans to understand calls that are made on the field. Are you an expert on these rules both new and old? Can you tell if the rule is even real? If you believe you know every football rule there is, take this quiz and prove your knowledge of football rules! 

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