97% of People Can't Name These Killer Beasts From Their Images! Can You?

By house on February 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Who doesn't love cute little hip-hop bunnies or playful kittens? How about loving puppies and chirping chicks? Aww, they are so cute, cuddly and fun. I'll ask again, who doesn't love them? You don't, that's who! 

This quiz is for those who are either terrified of or absolutely love killer beasts. You are the person who doesn't miss an episode of "Shark Week." You root for the anaconda, and you can't help but watch a battle of hippo vs. elephant vs. lion while browsing through Facebook. 

This is your chance to fend off killer beasts with your intellect. Can you identify a Tasmanian devil from a hyena? You better be able, to because if you're not careful and you get separated from your pack, they wouldn't hesitate to take you down. 

These are the animals who are the most dangerous to humans. They will poison you, drown you or tear you apart if you aren't paying attention. Just like a honey badger, they just don't care. 

Can you identify which snake will strangle you, as opposed to a snake with venom to kill you within minutes? Do you know which predator you should face down with eye contact or which one you should play dead with? 

See how many of these killer beasts you can identify from an image. This quiz might save your life someday. 

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