97% of People Can't Name These Famous Luchadores From an Image. Can You?

By Kennita Leon on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

A luchador, as you may already know, is a masked Mexican wrestler who takes part in the Lucha Libre. The Lucha Libre is the name of Mexico's professional wrestling circuit, a form of athletic entertainment.

Now, here's where it can get tricky- not all luchadors are masked, although most are- and not all masked fighters consider themselves to be luchadors, so it can be hard to determine who really is one and who isn't. Luckily, you're a huge fan so it isn't hard for you to figure out. 

Some luchadors have gone past the Lucha Libre level. They have brought this tradition of Mexican fighting to more mainstream competitions like the WWF, UWA and WWA. El Hijo del Santo, El Solitario and Mil Mascaras are three such examples. Not only has this style of fighting spread to the U.S., but to other countries around the world, such as Japan, where you can find Hayabusa, and Australia, where the Australian Suicide makes his home. 

What we want to know today, is how much of a Lucha Libre fan you are. Sure you can name the Blue Demon, Abismo Negro and El Santo, but do you know who Atlantis and Dos Caras are? Let's find out! 

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