97% of people can't name all of these mathematical symbols! Can you?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on February 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Come prove your love of math! If you think of mathematics as the "purest of languages," then this quiz is your chance to show just how well you "speak" it!

The symbols in mathematics are integral to how its formulas are applied and how its equations are solved. Many of the symbols we use in our mathematical calculations today have been in use for centuries. Over time, some have been modified in how we write and use them, but there are others which remained virtually unchanged.

Of course, with the advent of technology, new symbols are also being introduced to make it easier for us to show mathematical calculations on computers. We're pretty sure you know the names of many of them - like that inverted "v" we usually type to show we're raising a number to a power. You do know what it's called, right?

There are instances where a single math operation can be shown using different symbols. For example, we're willing to bet you know all the ones for division and sure enough, our quiz has got a couple of them waiting for you. On the flip side, there are cases where a single symbol can have more than one meaning. That's when things can get a bit tricky, so look out!

Everyone knows that it's impossible to master mathematics until you've mastered the meaning and uses of its basic symbols, so... only a master mathematician will be able to name all of these symbols correctly. Go ahead, take this quiz and show that you're the ultimate math pro!

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