97% of People Can't Identify These 1960s Motorcycles from an Image. Can You?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on June 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you ready to shift up and feel the speed!

Feeling the wind in your hair, the adrenaline pumping through your body, or simply being able to weave your way through busy streets effortlessly; owning a motorcycle does have its advantages. While motorcycles were commercially available from the end of the 19th century, it can be argued that they didn't truly come into their own until the mid-1900s. That is why in this stylish automotive quiz, we are going to be taking a look at 40 of the most iconic motorcycles of the '60s, no matter if they are speedy and sleek or bulky and slow!

The 60 was a great time for motorcycle riders also due to the act that there was a wide selection of hogs to choose from and these metal beasts were coming from all corners of the world. From Britain you had companies like BSA Motorcycles and from from the United States of America you had companies like Harley-Davidson pumping out some of the best metal beasts. In addition to this, from the far east you had Japan sending out state-of-the-art motorcycles from companies like Yamaha and Honda.

So rev up your engine and get ready to showcase your classic motorcycle knowledge!

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