97% of People Can't Guess The Function Of These Aircrafts From One Image! Can you?

By Craig on May 01, 2018

About This Quiz

Since the invention of the very first aircraft, man has made great strides in the aviation department. From hot air balloons to airships and airliners to autogyros, we seem to have it all in terms of things in the sky. But not all of them do the same thing (besides flying of course).

An aircraft is constructed specifically to help its purpose. What that means is that a fighter jet won't be built in the shape of an air balloon because it needs to be sleek and go fast. Aircraft do different things: They carry people, deliver items, surveil areas, participate in combat, rescue people, provide entertainment and loads more.

Besides their purpose, these flying machines not only look good, but they also require a lot of finesse and precision when building and repairing to prevent disasters from occurring. Take for instance the Japan Airlines Flight 123, where 520 people died because of an incorrectly repaired pressure bulkhead, Turkish Airlines Flight 981, where 346 people died due to a detached cargo door or American Airlines Flight 191, where 273 people died after an engine separated from the wing. These all could have been avoided if proper time and attention were paid to the machines.

If none of this is news to you, try our test and see if you can ace it!

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