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What began as a concept for a game back in 1989 is now one of the biggest game/cartoon/movie and toy franchises in the world. The creator, Satoshi Tajiri, says the idea for the franchise was inspired by his childhood hobby of insect collecting, and when Pokemon first came to be, it was meant only for the recently released GameBoy. Popularity, of course, propelled these creatures to places that Tajiri never thought it would go.

Currently, there are over 800 species and the number is steadily growing. Of course, there are favorites like Pikachu and Squirtle, that are easily identified because they appear in so many episodes, but what about the lesser-known Pokemon? Would you be able to name Ghastly, Parasect and Magneton if you saw a picture of them?

This quiz may be easy for experts, but you have to be careful because we've added some evolved forms that you may have never seen before. Our clues are there to help you, by telling you the kind of Pokemon it is. That, of course, will make guessing the creature's name a lot easier, even if you have no idea who it is. So are you ready to get started on one of the best Pokemon quizzes on the internet? Let's see if you and Ash Ketchum could go toe to toe! 

This lovable, Electric-type Pokémon is Ash's trusted companion and is identified by its chubby, yellow body with a red electric storing patch on both cheeks.

Squirtle, whose appearance resembles that of a turtle, is a Water-type Pokémon which later on evolves to Wartortle.

As the final form of Charmander, this dual fire/flying type Pokémon takes on the appearance of a bipedal dragon with sharp claws and teeth.

Weezing, which evolves from Koffing, is a Poison-type Pokémon noted for its two different-sized spherical heads from which poison is expelled.

Golduck is a blue, bipedal, Water-type Pokémon and the evolved form of Psyduck; it has a red gem on its forehead which glows when using its psychic abilities.

Muk is the evolved form of Grimer and is noted for its large, amorphous, purple sludge body which is constantly leaking deadly toxins.

Violet in color, this starfish-like Pokémon is water/psychic type and is characterized by its jewel core which glows in seven colors.

Characterized by its gray and purple color scheme, this legendary Pokémon is the result of DNA engineering experiments done on the Mew.

As its name suggests, Magmar is a Fire-type Pokémon which, after evolving from Magby, later on evolves into Magmortar.

The Exeggutor is a grass/psychic type Pokémon which, due to its sturdy body and three to six round yellow heads, bears a strong resemblance to a palm tree.

The Pinsir, though it is not known to evolve from or to any other form, is a Bug-type Pokémon which, using the Pinsirite Mega Stone is capable of evolving into Mega Pinsir.

This jellyfish-like Pokémon is characterized by its blue coloration with two large crystal spheres and up to eighty tentacles, most of which are hidden.

As the final form of Squirtle, Blastoise retains its blue skin, but develops a tough, brown shell with two powerful cannons protruding from the sides.

Tauros is a male-only bovine-like Pokémon species which is considered to be the counterpart to the female-only species, Miltank.

Hitmonlee, one of the three final forms of Tyrogue, is a Fighting-type Pokémon which is frequently found in urban areas rather than the wild.

This Electric-type Pokémon is the second form of Elekid and is easily recognized by its yellow fur with black patterns, particularly a lightning bolt-shaped stripe on its chest.

Psyduck, which evolves to Golduck, is a Water-type Pokémon noted for its dimwitted behavior and an inability to think clearly due to frequent headaches.

This dragon/flying type Pokémon is the final form of Dratini and is characterized by its small wings and bulky body.

As the final form of Geodude, this tortoise-like rock-type Pokémon develops a round hollow shell which is composed of plated, green rocks.

This large, fish-like Pokémon is identified by its round, orange body with black-speckled fins, and a powerful horn protruding from its forehead.

Arcanine, which evolves from Growlithe, is a Fire-type Pokémon noted for its distinct orange coating, decorated with jagged black stripes.

This round Electric-type Pokémon is identified by its unique appearance which resembles that of a reverse-colored Poké Ball.

Parasect is an insectoid Pokémon characterized by the large, parasitic mushroom on its back which significantly drains it of nutrients.

Ditto is a magenta or light-purple free-form blob which has the ability to mimic the appearance and ability of any physical object.

As its name suggests, this Fire-type Pokémon sports nine thick tails tipped with pale orange along with luxurious golden-white fur.

Poliwrath, which evolves from Poliwag using the water stone, is identified by its blue coloration, bulbous eyes and a white belly decorated with a black swirl.

Rhydon is the second form of the Rhyhorn, which displays physical characteristics of both rhinoceroses and dinosaurs.

Alakazam is the final form of Abba which, using the Alakazite stone, can Mega Evolve into Mega Alakazam.

This electric/steel Pokémon is usually the result of three Magnemites which are fused together by a strong magnetic force.

Using the water stone, this Pokémon becomes one of Eevee's eight final forms and is depicted with fish-like features including fins and a tailfin.

This cute normal/fairy Pokémon is known for scribbling all over the face of anyone who falls asleep upon hearing its trademark song.

Gyarados, the final form of Magikarp, is a flying/water type Pokémon which is depicted as a Chinese dragon/serpentine with a large, gaping mouth and an aggressive temperament.

Persian, which evolves from Meowth, is a feline Pokémon with cream-colored fur, three whiskers on either side of its face, and a red jewel embedded in its forehead.

This Pokémon is depicted as a small feline with a pale tan coat which, like Team Rocket's Meowth, is capable of human speech and walking on its hind legs.

Scyther is a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a green coloration which evolves into Scizor when traded holding a Metal Coat Stone.

This Fighting-type Pokémon, which evolves from Mankey, is identified by its whitish shaggy fur, brown arms, and legs with metal shackles on the wrists and ankles.

Kingler, the second form of Krabby, is a crab-like water Pokémon which characterized by its unevenly sized claws.

Cloyster, which evolves from Shellder, is depicted as having a jagged light-blue shell which encases its black, pearl-like head.

Articuno, one of the three legendary birds of Kanto, is portrayed as a large bird with a blue-colored plumage, a long, streamer-like tail and three rhombus-shaped feathers on its forehead.

As the previous form of Ninetales, Vulpix appears as a small fox-like fire Pokémon with a red-brown coating, six orange tails and locks of curled orange fur which fall on its head.

This Fighting-type Pokémon is portrayed as a muscular humanoid figure with an extra pair of arms, which are used to throw extremely fast punches.

This large, bipedal, dark blue-green and cream-colored Pokémon is a frequent sleeper, occasionally waking from its slumber to eat and less often for exercise.

Lickitung, the previous form of Lickilicky, is known for its long powerful tongue which, at 2 meters, is twice as long as its body.

As a ghost/poison type, Gastly has no true form and is depicted as having a round, spherical body which is surrounded by a purple, poisonous haze.

In comparison to its previous forms Gastly and Haunter, Gengar has a more definite shape, complete with arms, legs and a stubby tail.

This flightless avian Pokémon is noted for its three heads, each of which has its own working brain, as well as three separate hearts and lungs.

Haunter, which lives in dark, haunted caves, is a characterized by its disembodied hands which are the result of its gaseous body.

This pink, ovoid Pokémon is frequently seen working at the Pokémon centers, where it uses its healing abilities on patients.

Bulbasaur, which evolves into Ivysaur and later on Venusaur is a grass/poison type Pokémon noted for the green plant bulb on its back.

Lapras is a water/ice type Pokémon which is identified by its blue skin and large gray shell which is covered with blunt knobs.

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