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Movie remakes are as popular as ever in Hollywood. A remake is when a movie's main source of material is taken from a previous movie. Different from a sequel in that a remake is not a continuation, but rather a new spin, perspective or even a modern upgrade. See how many of these remakes you can figure out from their screenshot!

The original "Casino Royale" was released in 1967. The 2006 release was the first Bond movie based on a full-length Ian Fleming novel since Moonraker in 1979.

This 2014 film was a remake of its 1981 version of the same name. As annoying as it may be to film-goers, several of the trailer scenes wound up being altered in the actual movie. Some weren't included.

"Cape Fear" is a popular remake of its 1962 version. While filming, Nick Nolte and Robert De Niro got along famously. It was quite a change from the original where Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum had little good will toward each other while filming.

There were mixed emotions with a nearly all-female cast of modern-day ghostbusters in this remake. However, with cameo appearances from most of the original actors and an all-star SNL cast, the movie was still a box office success.

There have been many versions of "Peter Pan" over the years. The 2003 version was originally going to be a prequel to the 1991, "Hook." However, Dustin Hoffman wasn't interested in playing Captain Hook and the premise was changed.

"A Fistfull of Dollars" is a remake of the 1961 movie "Yojimbo." This was the movie that identified Clint Eastwood's famous squint. The squint was actually the result of a bright sun and high-wattage arc lamps.

"The Planet of the Apes" franchise is one of the most popular in the history of film. As a tribute to the original series, a new series was developed for modern-day film goers. The 2001 version is a remake of its 1968 version of the same name.

"Dawn of the Dead" is a remake of the 1978 film with several tributes to the original, from cameo appearances, to the use of amputees for zombies with missing limbs. The remake made its $26-million budget back in its first release weekend.

The director of the original "RoboCop," does not like remakes of his movies, citing it shows the lack of creativity in Hollywood. He was critical of both "RoboCop" and "Total Recall" before and after they were released.

Most people know the history of the radio show "War of the Worlds" and how it affected local residents. Director Steven Spielberg, not only owns one of the last copies of Orson Welles' radio script but was also eager to put his name to the story's legacy.

"Fury Road" is an interesting remake, as it is also considered a sequel by many. The movie has taken pieces of previous Mad Max movies and is even slated for at least three more films.

"The Thing" was written as a remake and, in many respects, it is. However, prior to filming, producers asked Universal Studios to turn the movie into a prequel leading up to the original, while using the same name.

Between the original film and the remake, two big cast members had died. As a result, their characters were not in the remake. Divine died in 1988 and Sonny Bono died in 1998.

"The Departed" is a remake of the Hong Kong film, "Infernal Affairs." Actors are often known as practicing method. However, Mark Wahlberg for his role chose a bit of his past. His performance came from his nearly two-dozen arrests as a youth.

"Bram Stoker's Dracula" is a remake of the 1931 film simply named "Dracula." However, the movie is likened more to the novel than the original movie. Dracula is also making a comeback in Universal Studios' modern monster movies.

In both the 1969 original and the modern remake, Rooster Cogburn is supposed to be about 40 years old. However, both leading men, John Wayne in the original and Jeff Bridges in the remake, were over 60 years old when they played Cogburn.

The novella, "Carrie," was Stephen King's breakthrough story. In the 2013 version, Chloe Grace Moretz is the first Carrie of the three movies that were made from King's story to have been a teenager at the time of filming. She was 15-years-old. The original movie was released in 1976 and a TV adaption in 2002.

The original was released in 1962, 42 years before the remake came around. Whoever said that screenwriters don't make a lot of money should talk to Daniel Pyne. He made over $1,000,000 for his initial draft.

The role of Peter Parker has shown up a lot on the big screen. In the 2012 remake, Andrew Garfield had a little cry session the first time he donned the uniform. It was a double-whammy to have his movie released during the 50th anniversary of Spider-man.

The original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" was released in 1956. The 1978 remake was just as terrifying, with a peculiar twist during the end-credits where the film went to complete silence. Many film goers reported this being as scary as the movie itself.

The 2013 remake of "The Lone Ranger" was the first Lone Ranger movie or TV series where Tonto received top billing. With Johnny Depp playing the role, this is of little surprise.

The 2001 version is a remake of the original 1960 "Ocean's Eleven" film. George Clooney attached a note and a $20 bill to the script when it was sent to Julia Roberts. The message read, "I hear you're getting 20 a picture now," referencing Julia Roberts as the highest paid actress, making $20 million per film.

The 2013 "Great Gatsby" was the fourth remake of the original 1926 film. Leonardo DiCaprio was eager to play the role as Gatsby for many reasons, one of which was a rags to riches story. He happened to be born in the same year as the previous release of "The Great Gatsby" - 1974.

"Jurassic World" is considered both a remake and a sequel to the original "Jurassic Park" franchise. It follows a similar theme as the original series, yet does not follow the same storyline.

The 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap" features Lindsay Lohan in her first movie as she plays both twin roles. In order to get her timing and lines on track, she wore an earpiece that read off the 'other' twin's lines.

The modern remake of "Poltergeist" is said to have been filmed in an actual haunted house - at least according to the director. Perhaps some of the spirits traveled with nearly half of the costumes and props that a fan in England purchased before the movie was even released.

In the 2012 remake, the invading army was originally written to be Chinese. However, with China's massive box office market, it was changed to North Korea. By 2017, that would be a much more believable story.

Filming of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was almost as interesting as the film itself. The candy company, Nestle, provided over 1,800 bars of chocolate for the film. Also, forty squirrels were trained for the scene with Veruca Salt, and many of the giant candy props were actual candy.

The 2013 remake has several subtle clues throughout the movie. For instance, when the helicopter pilot jokes, "There are like eight people in Greenland," Walter actually only sees eight people in Greenland.

"King Kong" is all about being the biggest. In the 2005 remake, it took 18 months to set up the CGI version of the Empire State Building. The real Empire State Building was built in 14.

Out of the first five Terminator movies, Genisys is the first where Arnold Schwarzenegger was not credited as the Terminator. Instead, he was named as the Guardian. It took him six months, working out three times a day to get to his body size from the original movie.

The cost to make a movie can be mind-blowing. For example, in the 2012 remake of "Total Recall" builders working on the set were spending $10,000 a week - just on wood screws.

The original "Freaky Friday" was released in 1976. Lindsey Lohan starred in the remake. However, it wasn't the first time one of her characters was involved in a swap. She also stars in "Just my Luck" and "The Parent Trap."

Ricky Gervais turned down the role as Arthur because he didn't want to ruin a perfect movie. Luckily Russel Brand was ready to step in. This remake was the director, Jason Winer's, theatrical debut.

Of the 13 assassins, only two survive in the end. Shinrokuro and Koyata - neither of whom were part of the original 11. The original was a 1963 Japanese film.

Johnny Depp may not be known as a singer, so it might be surprising that this is the second musical in which he's starred. The first was "Cry Baby." However, in "Cry Baby" he only lip-synced and never actually sang.

Freddy's sweater is one of the most identifiable character costumes in film. Judy Graham knit the sweater for the original 1984 movie and the 2010 remake.

Kevin Bacon played the lead role in the 1984 original movie. However, in the 2011 remake, despite being given the script to find a place for him, Bacon didn't see a character he wanted to play.

When viewers think "Scarface" they think All Pacino. He has one of the most memorable characters in film history. However, the 1983 film was actually a remake of an earlier 1932 film of the same name.

There were several ties to the filming of the 1991 original. One of them included James Le Gros, "Roach" in the original, who was bumped up to FBI Director in the remake. Also, on the helmets of the bank robbers were caricatures of ex-presidents - a tie to the bank robbers in the original.

While most remakes are released as box office films, the 2009 remake of "Children of the Corn" was a made-for-TV movie. For actress Kandyse McClure, this was her second Stephen King TV movie remake. Her first was "Carrie."

The story of King Kong has been told many times over. In this modern remake, the story takes place in 1973, just after the Vietnam War ended. Funny enough, none of the actors knew how big Kong would actually be as the director and film crew often provided conflicting answers.

"Clash of the Titans" is a remake of the original 1981 film. While the films were written in the 20th Century, many of the stories and characters were originally told thousands of years ago, making the characters some of the most well known in lore.

"3:10 to Yuma" is based on a short story published in a Dime-store Western Magazine in 1953. In the film, exactly ten minutes pass between the clock striking 3:00 and the train arriving.

"Death Race" was originally written as a sequel to the 1975 "Death Race 2000" but was changed to more of a remake due to production costs. However, they were still able to bring back David Carradine as the voice of Frankenstein.

The original 1951 film was based on a short story by Harry Bates, titled "Farewell to the Master." While there are some differences between the original movie and its remake, perhaps the most interesting is the size of GORT. In the original, he was eight-feet-tall. In the remake, he was 28-feet-tall.

In the 1986 remake, it took nearly five hours to apply Jeff Goldblum's makeup, which could weigh up to five lbs depending on the scene. The movie is also the origination of the famous line, "Be afraid, be very afraid."

The 2017 remake of "Beauty and the Beast" was a box office smash and one of the top grossing films of all-time. With all of the movie's success, it might be a little interesting that filming was completed nearly a year and a half before the film's release.

Stan Lee is known for making cameo appearances in Marvel films. However, in the 2015 remake of "Fantastic Four," he declined his traditional cameo appearance. Marvel wasn't impressed with the film and in the comic "The Punisher" #12 Marvel has similar characters to the movie destroyed in an explosion.

The 1981 "Evil Dead" movie was somewhat of a flop. However, it would later pick up a huge fan following. There would end up being four movies in the franchise, the 2013 version the only one over 90 minutes.

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